Restaurant tries to be “mum-friendly”. Fails miserably.

Would you take your kids here?

A new restaurant called Shores is set to open in Hornsby’s Westfield. But before anyone has even walked through its doors, the trendy new venue has already caused a storm of controversy. And it’s for two main reasons.

The owners of the restaurant, who are former McDonald’s bosses from the UK have expressed that they are planning to “create a stylish venue that offers good food at affordable prices, plus caters for busy mums,” according to The Daily Telegraph.

“Our typical customer will be a working mum with a couple of kids. We did a lot of research and there was a request for this. It’s going to be lovely,” he said.

What about dads?

And it’s the use of the word “mums” that is getting commenters on the Hornsby and Upper North Shore Advocate Facebook page hot under the collar, as they express their anger over the use of the word instead of “parents”.

Some of the comments included:

“Sorry, is it only 'mums' that parent kids?”

“Don't like the generalisation of using the term ‘busy mums’. What about including men? They are just as busy and are also parents.”

“Great to see more happening in Hornsby but shame on the article & owners to say busy mums!!! We are all busy & thought we lived in an age where we didn't exclude men or others. Hope the busy mums have time to visit!!”

Mr O’Neill added that the restaurant is “going to be very child-friendly, with X-Box consoles and iPads in a games pod, and Etch-A-Sketches; we want to revive those.”

The use of technology to “distract” children has also upset a number of parents, with one commenter starting, “I don't like the idea of bribing kids with electronic devices. I think a play area would be better, where kids can play & use their imaginations, actually talk to each other and communicate. Plugging a child in front of a screen is not my cup of tea.”

Not everyone agrees on the availability of technology in Hornsby's new restaurant.

Others have come out in support of the restaurant, explaining that it is a venue they would definitely take their children to, as well as utilise their facilities.

The new restaurant has definitely caused a storm but likely not in a way its owners would have hoped.

What do you think? Would you take your children to this sort of restaurant?

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