"Stuck on roof. Sorry!" Is this delivery guy for real?

34-year-old UK man Benjamin Ward recently got home to discover the parcel he’d been waiting for had finally been delivered.

To his roof.

Ward was perplexed, to say the least. But then he saw a note from the delivery man, and assumed it would explain how his parcel had ended up in such a tricky spot.

It didn’t:

“Stuck on roof. Sorry!”

Um, whaaa?

Even more perplexed by this point, Ward sent out the following tweet:

Hermes copped so much flack online that they immediately sent the delivery man back to Benjamin Ward’s house with his tail between his legs, an apology and a ladder.

But getting the parcel down answers none of the important questions! Like:

Why did the parcel end up on the roof in the first place? What was the delivery guy trying to do when he threw it up there? Throw it over the house? Why would the delivery guy assume throwing the package on the roof was better than leaving it in the letterbox, or at the front door? Why did he incriminate himself by leaving a note at all? Once he realised he had messed up, why didn’t he just hightail it outta there and deny any and all involvement?

We’ll never know.

In the mean time, all we can really say is this:

You had one job, dude. You had one job.

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