It's been a weird year. Let's not think about it and look at the best pantry porn instead.

There are people in this world who put labels on clear glass jars, and then there’s the rest of us.

They have the kind of pantries that go viral on social media for their container-stacking, colour-coordinating ways. And we… well, we don’t.

But goodness knows we’ve embraced the sudden fascination with strangers’ cupboards. They’ve been all over our feeds over the past 12 months or so, and we can’t get enough of that deep, deep satisfaction and niggling jealousy that comes from viewing these pervy pics.

Here are some of the best…

A pastel dream.

Arguably the most drool-worthy viral pantry is that belonging to Adelaide blogger, Iryna Federico. It’s pastel. And neat. And there are horizontal shelves for baking trays. And lazy susans so she never has to fumble for things at the back.

“I was determined not to miss anything and not have a spot for it,” she wrote on her blog, From Great Beginnings.

(Image via From Great Beginnings by Iryna Federico.)
(Image via From Great Beginnings by Iryna Federico.)

Labels. All the labels.

Steph Pase, the woman behind Just Another Mummy Blog, shared the secrets of her perfect pantry with Mamamia earlier in the year.

“I would start by going through every item in your pantry first, check the expiry dates. You will be surprised how much you get rid of. You can also donate any excess items you have,” Steph says.

“Next is group items by category, for example, I have storage tubs labelled; Snacks, Kids Snacks, Cans, Cooking, Pasta Sauces, Meal Bases, Baby Food etc. This way everything has a place."


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Pantry Progress ???????? Yes there is still more for me to do ???????? Ryan keeps trying to be funny and label the house with masking tape and pen???????? Although I know he secretly loves my organised madness ???? I am absolutely loving all the tags and photos of your pantry makeovers !! Please see where I got everything below⬇️⬇️ Once I’ve finished I will be doing a blog with links on everything I got! Including my tips on organising your own pantry! . . Leave your top organisation questions below in the comments! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ So I will be sure to answer them in my upcoming organisation blogs/ videos!! . . TAG a friend who would find this satisfying ???????????? . . Top cork jars from @kmart Airtight containers from @theorganisingplatform Labels and spice jars from @little_label_co Round cookie jars from @kmartaus Spice Shelves from @kmartaus Tall containers from @kmartaus White tubs (not pictured) from @ikea_australia

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Budget heaven.

With clear sticker paper, permanent marker, and storage solutions from Costco, Aldi, Kmart and The Reject Shop, Adelaide woman Danielle Holloway created a viral pantry.


The mum of three told Mamamia the whole thing set her back around $300, and while she purchased the various containers over time, it took her roughly a week of fiddling to achieve the perfect arrangement.

“See-through containers make it easier to see what you have and how much is left, and also to keep unwanted pests away,” she said. “Tiered shelves are great for cans, as a lot of the time cans are stacked behind each other resulting in wasting time looking for certain ones [and accidental double-ups].”

Video by Danielle Holloway

Open pantry.

The owner of this glorious pantry freely admits to being a "glutton for punishment": "I had to be all fancy decanting everything so it takes twice as long to put the shopping away."

Good point. But pretty.


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• PANTRY • Did my shopping this evening so all the cereal containers are filled back up again, now it would be nice if nobody used them!! ???????? who else hates putting away the groceries?! I had to be all fancy decanting everything so it takes twice as long to put the shopping away. Glutton for punishment! ???????? Have a wee look at the second picture, I am loving all my labels from @prettylittledesignsuk for keeping me organised & things looking pretty!! . . . #pantry #pantrygoals #ikeatmine #organizedpantry #organisedpantry #pantryorganization #pantrydesign #pantryorganisation #pantrylabels #kitchen #organisedhome #irishselfbuild #woodviewhouse #irishinteriors #houseandhome #actualinstahomes #actualinstagramhomes #sorealhomes #spotlightonmyhome #housegoals #pantryporn #kitchenpantry #sorealhomes

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(Can we just take a second to acknowledge all those onions?)

Busy Phillips' before and after.

Actor Busy Phillips hired a professional team to overhaul her pantry. (Which yes, is actually a thing now. What a time to be alive!)

Look, if we had the coin, we almost definitely, perhaps would. Maybe.

Busy certainly seemed happy with the results. Check out the before and you'll see why.

Khloe Kardashian likes cereal.

The crack team behind Busy's lush larder are also responsible for that of famously fastidious reality TV star Khloe Kardashian.



While we're on the subject, we'd also like to acknowledge that dresser porn is also a thing. Here's one for all you dirty, dirty beauty lovers out there...


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Makeup madness. But at least it’s organised ???? . In the IKEA Malm dressing table drawer our VC Malm Storage Drawer Pack. 5 items to fill this entire drawer. . On the Vanity table ???? 2 x VC Brush holders. ???? 1 x Lipgloss holder. ???? 1 x VC XL Lipstick holder. . Find all these items on our website. Tap post for details and links. Website link on our Instagram page. . . #makeupstorage #beautyroom #vanity #vanitystorage #acrylicmakeupstorage #beautyroomstorage #vanitytable #beautyroominspo #vanities #vanitytable #makeupmirror #makeuporganizer #cosmetics #cosmeticstorage #beauty #lipgloss #lipstickstorage #palettes #alexdrawers #makeupstorageau #makeuporganiser #beautystorage #beautyroom #lipstickholder #lipstickstorage #lipglossholder #hollywoodmirror #vanityroom #vanitymirror #mirror #lipstorage #brushholder #jewellerystorage

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