Sorry, but this is the best ad campaign we've seen in a long time.

Sorry, do you have a minute?

Sorry, you go first.

Sorry, can I ask a stupid question?

Over-apologising is a female trait. Often we unconsciously apologise when we have nothing to apologise for. For asking ‘stupid’ questions at work, for wanting to take out time from the kids, for just generally taking up space.

Last year, Pantene took aim at the unfair double standards women experience in the workplace with their  “Labels Against Women” campaign. It went viral, was shared by “Lean In” author, Sheryl Sandberg and hit more than 46 million views on YouTube.

And now, they’ve released a follow-up.

“Not Sorry,” aims to empower women to “speak a little louder, to stand up for what you believe in and to not apologise for it”.

If you can’t watch it now, the one minute clip shows women apologising at home, at work, and even in bed. It then flips the scenarios showing what happens when women make a statement without an apology. The result? A powerful shift that will make you rethink how you use the word ‘sorry’.

In conjunction with this latest campaign, Pantene also introduced their Shine Strong Fund, aimed at providing education to help overcome female bias and stereotypes.

Click through to see some of the top situations where women apologise. When do you over-apologise?

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