This video of a panda playing with a snowman is the only thing you need to see today.

If you’ve ever felt jealous of North America’s white Christmases prepare to feel your envy surge.

Not only don’t we have snow in Australia in December, we also don’t have adorable pandas playing with snowmen here either.

That’s probably why we can’t stop watching this adorable giant panda pull apart the snowman the folks at Toronto Zoo in Canada have made for him.

We’re not the only ones transfixed as male panda, Da Mao, throws his paws at the snowman, before climbing on top of him, only to lose his footing, fall into the snow – then go right back to playing.

The video, titled Panda vs Snowman, has gathered more than 640,000 views on Youtube since it was posted by staff on Tuesday.

Emily Noel, who looks after Da Mao, said demolishing snowmen was an activity he relished whenever he got the chance, The Star reports.

“We don’t often build (snowmen),” Ms Noel said.

“There just happened to be extremely good packing snow, so I decided to make one and it was such good snow that it just got really big, really quickly.

“This one has just taken him two or three days (to destroy).”

Da Mao is determined to destroy the snowman. (Image via Youtube/Toronto Zoo)

Mammal curator Maria Franke added he was "definitely a clown".

"We do tons of things (for enrichment), like, even just empty boxes . . . we’ll put treats in it like apples or bamboo."

Da Mao's snow-filled fun has been captured on video before, with a clip of the panda gaining almost six million views in February 2014.