Does air purifying actually work? The Block's Carlene Duffy gave us the lowdown from her reno experience.

Thanks to our brand partner, Panasonic

If you love rugging up for frosty days and even prefer to hibernate (like me), you'll know that winter is well and truly on its way. Part and parcel with the chill factor usually comes a list of ailments that can be traced back to poor air quality.      

Did you know that we consume on average 18kg of air every day, which means the quality of the air we breathe is essential to our health and wellbeing.  

If you’re anything like me, you may be prone to suffering allergies from things like mould and dust mites. Nearly 3 million Aussies suffer from asthma and irritation, which is caused by both indoor and outdoor air pollutants. 

On the quest to find a way to keep our families healthy over winter (and all year round, to be fair), Panasonic offers a solution to our troubles with their air-conditioning range that doubles as a 24-hour air purification system.

In partnership with Panasonic are former Blockheads Michael and Carlene! We spoke to contestant-turned-renovation-guru Carlene Duffy to find out how the Panasonic Air Conditioner range works seamlessly to purify air, and how it has created a better home environment for the Duffy family. 

The right air-conditioning solution tailored to the right space.

For the Duffys, the Panasonic Air Conditioner with its air purification function has changed the game for the family home (their dreamy new renovation just completed in southern Queensland). 


“Our media room is a bit like a den,” Carlene says. 

“It gets next to no natural light and doesn’t have good airflow. We have two kids, Paddy (12) and Stella (10), and a dog, so I love the idea that I can control the temperature and purify the air at the same time, because otherwise it feels stale.” 

Carlene advises that when deciding on the right product for a particular space in your home, it’s important to consider zoning. 

“You don’t want to have a small room with a massive air conditioner that’s got way more output than you need. That’s going to impact electricity bills and it’s going to look unattractive in the room.” 

In their Tallebudgera home renovation, Michael and Carlene had the Panasonic Premium Reverse Cycle R32 Wall Split System (Z Series) installed, which is available from $1,299 RRP.

She says the key is to only use what you need. 

“In the past, we had a separate air purification system that sat on the ground and took up space.

“With the Panasonic system you can streamline it and have just one appliance mounted on the wall. It’s that all-in-one solution that keeps the space clutter-free. It’s less intrusive.

“We’ve actually had a group of 12 to 13-year-old boys having a slumber party in that space. If you’ve ever experienced 13-year-old boys, you will know it gets stinky and grubby... and when you walk in the room, you want to run away,” Carlene laughs. 

“It was nice to be able to rely on the air purification function to keep things fresh.”

The advantages of nanoe™X technology.

Each winter we tend to keep windows and doors shut, which amplifies the health risks associated with poor airflow in our homes. 

Panasonic Air Conditioners offer an all-in-one solution to keep warm and stay healthy while spending more time indoors. 

“They operate with nanoe™X technology, which inhibits common pollutants in the air like dust mites and allergens. I get hay fever so that’s important to me,” Carlene explains. 

nanoe™X technology also inhibits a variety of pollen, pet dander (all the things that shed from your furbabies), and hazardous substances while simultaneously deodorising the air and hydrating your skin... say what? An air conditioner that counts towards giving you a dewy complexion... what more could you ask for?


“We are quite invested in our health with what we eat and our lifestyle,” says Carlene. 

“I feel safe knowing the kids are exposed to clean air, not stale air that’s not moving and potentially contains mould spores, bacteria or viruses.” 

Nifty perks to make life easier.

One of the tech features Carlene and husband Michael enjoys is that the split system can be controlled from Carlene's smartphone. 

“That really makes life that bit simpler."

Carlene explains that you can also use the air purification feature even when you’re not heating and cooling. 

Image: Panasonic.

“Our media room does get hot and cold, but it can also be quite temperate. I don’t want to be running the heating and cooling if I don’t have to, but I love the idea that I can still always use that air purification system.”

With the Panasonic Air Conditioning range, you can keep the air purifying mode going 24-hours a day, while the Comfort Cloud App that pairs with it allows you to control the temperature in your home, change modes, and monitor energy use.

If you’re away, you can use the app remotely to maintain fresh and clean air in your home so you don’t return to a stuffy and stale house. What a win.

Image: Panasonic.


A good fit for the Aussie climate.

While the average Aussie spends a whopping 90% of their life indoors (judging by my habits, I'm not surprised), studies have found that combined pollution levels indoors are actually two to five times greater than outdoors, making air purification a priority for our homes and our health.

The Panasonic Air Conditioner range can combat bushfire smoke and air pollution that enters the home from the outside, and is designed with the harsh Australian climate in mind.

“Where we live in Tallebudgera, Queensland, it gets super humid.

“Being in a room with no natural air or light with that mugginess that leaves everything feeling a bit damp, it grosses me out. It can be susceptible to mould, so the ability to control the temperature and humidity levels of my home while benefiting from the air purification system gives me peace of mind.”

Panasonic Air Conditioners are built for the Aussie climate. They incorporate air conditioning and a combination of technologies to help you control the temperature and humidity levels, and improve the air quality in your home using nanoe™X technology. 

Say goodbye to any unwanted household pollutants, enjoy ease of use, and let Panasonic Air-conditioning help you enjoy fresher air and a more comfortable home environment.

Feature Image: Instagram/@michaelandcarlene

Panasonic Air Conditioners are an all-in-one solution, with air conditioning and air purification to give you peace of mind with healthier and fresher air for your home. The nanoe™ X 24-hour air purifying system inhibits many common pollutants both in the air and on surfaces and can be selected to run when heating and cooling is not operating.

Panasonic offers both wall split (room air conditioners) and ducted (whole of home air conditioners) with nanoe™ X, which incorporate a combination of technologies to help you control the temperature and humidity levels while improving the air quality in your home.