Your daughter will be begging to do this for her birthday. Should you let her?

We’re not sure how we feel about it.

Pamper parties. They’re a thing now. And if your daughter hasn’t told you about them yet then get ready, because the sparkly tide is coming.

We’re talking, glitter nail polish, foot spas, facials and mock champers. Because if pink lemonade disguised as alcohol isn’t a good idea, we don’t know what is.

An inundation with companies offering these services is only a simple Google search away. If the spa is too far for you and your daughter’s little friends to get to, they’re mobile. Sheesh.

Glitter nail polish, foot spas, facials and mock champers. Welcome to the pamper party.

It appears this phenomenon is going global, with The New York Times reporting, “The spa industry has begun to target children in a big way, going way beyond mother-daughter manicures. Adult spas are adding separate menus of services for girls, usually ages 4 to 14.”

“In most major cities, there are now dedicated day spas for children, offering a range of massages, facials and other treatments for girls (and sometimes boys) too young to have had their first pimple,” the article continued.

We’re all up for a little mother-daughter bonding. In all honestly, who hasn’t let their child have a slick of colour in the nails during their regular manicure touch up?

"Who hasn’t let their child have a slick of colour in the nails during your regular manicure touch up? Almost everyone."

But there’s something about pamper parties that doesn’t seem to sit right. One chain boasts that party-goers will feel “relaxed and pretty".

The last time I checked, being a child was pretty relaxing in itself. If I had an adult cooking, cleaning and picking up after me, I really wouldn’t have a worry in the world.

Why the emphasis on being pretty? Surely we should be teaching our children to be more concerned with other traits, like being kind, or honest, or friendly. Girls have their whole lives to worry about being pretty.

In response to the growing trend, sociologist Christine Carter said, “Oh my God. What are we coming to? Spas for our children?” before cautioning parents against sending children to places where they are told, “We’re going to treat you like a Kardashian.”

Madeline Levine, a child psychologist and author, also called the child spa “the worst idea ever.” We might be inclined to agree.

Has your daughter ever been to a 'pamper party'? What do you think of them?

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