Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Erm, Pamela Anderson hinted she maybe once dated Vladmir Putin.

Ah. Well, then.

Pamela Anderson has hinted (joked?) to an audience on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories – set to air in the UK tomorrow night – that she had some sort of relationship/liaison/friendship with Vladimir Putin.

Anderson told Morgon she first came into contact with the Russian leader in 2009, when she lobbied to ban seal hunting and imported fur products. Then, she said he invited her to his presidential inauguration in 2012 as his ‘special guest’.

So were they…dating?

“No … no, but he wanted me to actually come to his inauguration and give him flowers. I was going to give him flowers on his inauguration.

“No, I did not do that. But there has been some … obviously we have been in the same place together ­sometimes.”

Then it got a little more confusing: “It’s starting to feel surreal to me too. Am I lying? Am I telling the truth? I don’t know.”

And then, well, she dodged rumours of a romantic relationship with Putin by simply stating she has “a great relationship with Russia, yes”.


2. Married at First Sight’s Dean and Tracey really want us to know they’re together. And we smell a rat.

Image Nine.

In all the drama that is Married at First Sight and cheating and partner swapping and all, it would seem Dean and Tracey would like us to know that they're still together, please.

In images published on The Daily Mail on Saturday, the two were pictured at the beach "caressing" (their words, not ours) one another.

That's all lovely and nice and cute it's just that...well... we smell a rat.

You see, the paparazzi photos were very close. Like, uber close. Like right in their face close.

And often (not always, but often) in the celeb world, if there's not a lot of zoom going on, you can bet they've maybe been *cough* set up *cough up*.

Unless Dean and Tracey had no idea a paparazzo was about 10 metres away from them... in different locations... all day long... taking their photographs.

That is all.


3. Just a reminder: if you want to high-five Elton John, don't.

Image: Getty.

Oh dear.

Elton John got himself in a teeny-tiny bit of strife on Thursday night when he invited a bunch of his fans to stand around his piano as he sung Saturday Night.

It's just that when he did that, said fans got a little unruly. And, um, tried to high-five him too many times.

In footage obtained by TMZ, Elton John walks off stage without warning, after one fan sticks his hand out to high-five quite persistently.


Though fans thought the show was over, he returned to let them know he would be singing, but there would be no more fan interaction.

"You f**ked it up!" he said, before playing Circle of Life.

Such is the circle of life, we guess.

4. Someone is trusting Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty to present at the Oscars again, because Hollywood can't handle unhappy endings.

Because no Hollywood story is worth telling without a happy ending, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty will present this year's Oscar for Best Picture again, despite being embroiled in a monumental stuff up in last year's ceremony.

Remember this? The moment the Oscars all fell apart...

Video by Channel 9

In case you missed it, Dunaway and Beatty were given the wrong card when presenting the Best Picture last year, reading out La La Land as the winner of the Oscar. The winner was Moonlight.

If all goes to plan, the two will mess it all up again and we'll have even better stories to tell.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday message to her ex-husband was a little… unorthodox.


Happy birthday to Chris Martin, brother of Gwyneth Paltrow!

What? It was all in her own words.

Posting on Instagram, Paltrow wished her ex-husband a happy 41st birthday.

“Happy birthday my brother. Thank you for giving me these two,” she wrote alongside an image of both Martin and Paltrow with their two kids Apple and Moses.

Ah, it’s also not the first time the Goop founder has referenced the fact their relationship borders on sibling-like.

Earlier this year she told US chat show host Stephen Colbert: “He’s really like my brother. We’re very familial. It’s nice.”

Sounds very nice.

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