The latest internet celebrity is an artistic dog. And his work is very good.

Welcome to 2017, where a dog can paint better than you can.

Hunter the Shiba Inu, from Edmonton, Canada, is a dog whose painting skills have put him on the fast track to internet stardom.

Selling for around $50 bucks a pop, the works reflect the infinite possibilities of an uncharted abstraction aesthetic; or, they reflect pretty colours smushed together by a cute dog.

It’s all very subjective.

Posing for photos with a paintbrush held tightly between his teeth, Hunter creates small pieces that can loosely be described as abstract expressionism.

Numerous videos of his practice have been uploaded onto social media where he is slowly but steadily building a following.

Owner Kenny told Mamamia he initially taught Hunter to paint as a way to keep him occupied.

“We make him fetch our slippers, we hide his treats so that he’s gotta sniff them out, we take him to agility courses,” he said.

“Painting was just another activity to try.  We were very surprised with the results.”

Beauty. Talent. Prestige. Dog art. (Source: Facebook/Shiba Art Online.)

Kenny also told Vice his four-legged artist enjoyed the process of art-marking beyond the short-term rewards of food.

"Like all dog tricks and activities, Hunter is being rewarded to perform certain motions," he said.

"When he learns a new trick, however, he is very visibly proud of himself, so it isn't just the treat that motivates him."

"We can definitely see that he enjoys being placed in different environments and learning new things, especially after struggling with it. I think that is something that both an artist and [a] doggo can share."

The Instagram account showcasing Hunter's work has already accumulated 613 followers despite being created less than week ago.

If you find yourself upset at the thought of a dog creating better art than you can, take comfort in the fact that you can use him for inspiration.

Bite a brush, smush it against some paper and then munch on a dog biscuit.

You'll be invited to perform a three-week interactive installation in Tasmania's MONA in no time.

Feature image via Facebook.

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