How much do the the Bachelor contestants get paid to be on the show?

What price tag would you put on sipping cocktails, wearing sparkly gowns and having your heart strings pulled at?

Because the amount The Bachelor women get paid for their time on the show has been revealed and as it turns out, it’s not very much.

Host Osher and this year's Bachelor Sam. Image: Channel 10.

The Daily Mail reports that women earn a mere $90 a day, so for the winner, that means after three months in the house they're taking home $6300 (or $2100 tax free per month) and a new man.

The reason the show's producers are paying such a mild sum is that they want to make sure the women who are there are there for the "right reasons." So love, basically.

The Bachelor contestants. Image: Channel 10.

But seriously? To leave your family, friends, work, sporting teams, and home to move in with a bunch of strangers who all want to steal your man - it's probably worth more than $90, don't you agree?

Given intruder Lana came in so late in the game, she'd probably be receiving the least. But we're guessing having Bachelor Sam wrapped around your little finger makes up for the lack of pay.

SO MUCH LOVE. Image: Channel 10.

Sam Wood's love-at-first-sight-and-probably-winner Lana Jeans-Fellows has told NW magazine that she's basically ready to start a family with the Bachelor. You know, now-ish.

"I am clucky sometimes. I want a big family and I guess you have to get started, don't you?" the 27-year-old communications assistant told NW.

That you do. But not before Thursday's finale, Lana.

Do you think Lana will win the Bachelor's heart?

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