Oh god. This singer's pad just fell out on live TV.

It’s most women’s worst nightmares. But this brave, brave soul handled it superbly.

In order of importance, a woman’s most embarrassing hypothetical scenarios are:

3. Food stuck in middle of teeth.

2. Dress/skirt being tucked into underwear.

1. A pad falling out on live TV.

Unfortunately for Mexican singer Patricia Navidad, she had the number 1 most embarrassing thing happen to her two days ago on morning TV show Despierta America.

The moment is cringeworthy, but her reaction is flawless.

Video via Univision

Although we could only very roughly (Google) translate, we think the Tweets she’s written since the incident mean she’s handling it all very well.

We salute you, Navidad.

h/t Mashable

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