From teething rings to TikTok hacks: 7 women share exactly what’s in their nappy bag.

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This week I conducted a social experiment. Not the MAFS kind, either. Less to do with arranged marriage and more to do with nappies. 

I asked to look inside my friends' nappy bags. 

And honestly, some of them would have probably been less offended if I’d tried to make them marry a stranger on national television.

It seems that I missed the memo: the inside of a bag is deeply private and personal. Which of course made me even more curious.

That’s not new. Parenting has made me obsessed with what everyone else is doing. Not in a competitive way, but in a “I bet they have a better way to do this” kinda way.

Side note: Listen to Mamamia's podcast for parents of little kids: This Glorious Mess. Post continues below.

My favourite thing about fellow parents is our shared passion for giving detailed advice at the slightest provocation.

Like the lovely mum who saw me wrestle-holding my 9-month-old during a nappy change at the park and introduced me to CUB Nappy Pants — an absolute game-changer.

And naturally, as a result, I want to know what everyone has in their nappy bag. Because how else will I know if I’m missing out on a better way?

So, I asked six other parents to share exactly what's in their nappy bags. Here are all the juicy details. 


I have two kids, a 4 year-old who’s toilet trained but SO messy, and an 18 month-old who’s still in nappies. 

My nappy bag is actually a repurposed makeup bag which is a hack I saw on TikTok. (Yeah, I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.)

But seriously, I love it. It fits all my essentials and I can easily toss it in my handbag, backpack or at the bottom of the pram. No extra clutter.

Look how much it fits. Image: Supplied.


First up, I always keep a stash of CUB Nappy Pants. They, like the entire CUB Range, is exclusively stocked at Coles. But more importantly, they have advanced leakage protection and are super affordable without skimping on the quality. (Thank you, kind stranger.)

Now onto the next item — the one I could never leave the house without — the CUB Fragrance Free 20 Pack Baby Wipes. They are Australian made, and so gentle on the skin with aloe vera and chamomile extract. 

At home, we keep the 480 bulk pack, but I absolutely love the 20 wipe mini packs as it perfectly fits into my small kit. They work a treat for everything — nappy changes (obviously), but also sticky fingers, faces, limbs and everything else that might need a little freshen up. 

Restocking station and smug face of someone who has a “restocking station". Image: Supplied.

My other must-haves? Some spare bandaids and a bottle of sanitiser. For dirty nappies, I always keep CUB Nappy Bags handy. I occasionally use them to take dirty clothes home.

Speaking of, I also keep a spare change of clothes for my littlest one, and a fresh t-shirt and pair of undies for the big one. Because, let's be real, you never really know what's going to happen when you're out and about.


 Image: Supplied.

I have a restocking station in the nursery so I can refresh my nappy bag once I get home. It takes a tiny bit of effort but it’s so worth not having to lug around a huge bag every day.

Shannon and Derek

"We have a 2 year-old and a 9 month-old, so life is busy. We chose a backpack style nappy bag so my husband and I can both easily use it. It’s perfect for walks and hikes, and a backpack style makes it easy when we’re using a baby carrier on the front. I love the practicality of the zipper access at the back of the bag for quick nappy grabs when the top half of the bag is messy and stuffed with food, clothes and shoes.

Image: Supplied.


"My essentials: sanitiser, sunscreen, nappies, wipes, nappy bags, medicines (in the front outside pocket to keep them upright), and natural insect repellent for summer nights in the country.

"My bag also contains: sunhats, raincoats, bibs, hair clips, sanitiser, sudocream, hair brush, baby and toddler sunglasses, pacifier, teething ring, hand wipes, drink bottles, bonjela, measuring syringes, digital thermometer, saline, nasal sprays, and eye cleansing wipes. I usually also have a lunch bag with food/snacks, spare undies and shorts for our two-year-old, and a spare suit for the baby. 

"My hero item? I keep a small towel or muslin in there in place of a play mat/change mat, it's so much easier to transport and chuck in the wash."


Image: Supplied.

"In my nappy bag, I have everything I need for my almost three-month-old. I can’t live without my fold out change mat and CUB Fragrance Free Baby Wipes. 

"We go through lots of bibs and burp clothes so they’re essential. As we’re still in the newborn stage, I always make sure I have a wet/dry bag too in case of accidents and a change of clothes. I keep a toy on hand for distraction during nappy changes. For my own use, I also stash a mask, hand sanitiser and lip balm."


Image: Supplied.


"Now my kids are two and four so I don’t have to worry about planning for every eventuality. But I can’t live without: wipes, nappies, water and snacks. Each kid has their own bottle and they have to be leak proof if they’re in the bag all day. 

"I always take a change of clothes for my 2-year-old and a toy. 

"My biggest tip for a new parent is to pack like you’re expecting a poo explosion, because it's likely going to happen when you've not packed for it."


Image: Supplied.


"My daughter is 14 months old so we still need ALL the things. 

"Within my big neoprene bag, I have a change bag with CUB Nappy Pants, wipes, a spare outfit in case of a poo explosion, and a mat.

"Essentials for my toddler: water bottle, toddler friendly roll on sunscreen, hat, bib, teether/little toy, and a snack cup full of popcorn and dried fruit.

"Essentials for me: deodorant, sunnies, hand cream, lip balm and face mask, notepad and pen, hand sanitiser and a water bottle.

"My hero item is definitely my waterproof bag for holding any dirty clothes/other wet items to deal with when you get home. We spend a lot of time at the beach and doing water play so this one is a lifesaver."


"Having a 2 year-old and a 1 year-old means my nappy bag essentials have shifted. 

"It used to be: nappies, wipes, nappy cream, burp cloths etc., and each with a compartment of their own.

Big bag, little helper. Image: Supplied.

"But now my bag is a vessel of entertainment, whether that’s hauling bulk toys and food around to keep them entertained OR just letting them pull everything out for fun — I don’t stress because I can easily just it chuck back in. 

"Having a 'chuck it all in bag' allows me to remove the extra stress in trying to keep it in order. I have too many other things I need to worry about: my bag doesn’t need to be one.


"Key things you’ll always find in my bag: nappies, lots of wet wipes, sunscreen, snacks, activity books and a spare change of clothes."


"I repurposed my Summer tote into a baby bag thanks to this helpful organiser insert. I like that I can change things up and use a bag I actually like. 

"Inside I have a combination of essentials for me and my two-month-old baby.

Image: Supplied.

"For the baby there’s a backup onesie, cardigan, socks, hat, nappy, dummy, and wipes (ok, the wipes are for me too). 

"I’ve got my AirPods, wallet (can’t leave home without Medicare card these days), deodorant for any stressful and hot situations (which seem to be frequent), a wrap for feeding and/or keeping baby warm plus the essential blue book!”

So what did I learn from this little experiment?

Turns out I’m an accidental minimalist and I definitely need to lift my sun protection game. I’ve spent so much money buying sunscreen on the go because I’ve left it at home. But otherwise I’m pretty happy with my compact situation and the contents of my nappy bag. 

Oh, and if I’m stranded on a desert island with the kids, I would like Shannon and Derek’s bag please.

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