Sharon’s age is irrelevant. If her marriage is over, it’s over.

When any couple decides to break up, it’s sad news. When they’ve been together for 33 years, it’s even harder to digest. So hearing that Ozzy Osbourne has moved out of the marital home he shared with long-time rock, Sharon, makes us all hurt.

There is increasing chatter on social media from people asking why you would split after such a long marriage, especially at “their age”. Ozzy is 67, Sharon is 63, but that is entirely beside the point.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been married for three years or thirty three, if you’re miserable you are entitled to pursue happiness. If you aren’t being treated in a way that fulfils you, you can choose to draw a line and seek more contentment in a different direction.

The year on your birth certificate is as irrelevant as the year on your marriage certificate; you don’t have to endure being unhappy in your sixties any more than you do in your twenties.

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You certainly don’t have to settle for less just because you have accrued more years in life. The notion that anyone should cling to the security they have “at that age” because it might be “their last chance” is offensive.

No one can question how hard Sharon has tried in this marriage. The pair met in the early 70s, she became his manager, they married in 1982 and he has long credited his wife for saving his life. It’s a remarkable marriage which has successfully cleared challenging hurdles time after time and withstood Ozzy’s very shaky struggle to remain sober.

In 1989, the singer was arrested for attempted murder after strangling his wife following a five-day drug and alcohol binge. Sharon didn’t file charges at the time. Instead, she showed the ultimate act of compassion and forced Ozzy to confront his drug problem at rehab. It worked, he halted his downward spiral, continued with AA and seemingly enjoyed more years of happy marriage.

The once-happy duo are officially over. Image via Getty

But Sharon has described herself as “a beaten woman” at the hands of her husband who once knocked out her front teeth. Over the years, she has spoken out more than once about her husband’s battle with booze and drugs which has negatively affected her and all those around him.

In 2013 there were rumours of a divorce after Ozzy relapsed. Sharon was understandably devastated when he stumbled and once again we admired her incredible strength as she said, "Everybody knows he's been struggling with this his entire life and I never knew that he was using prescription drugs. I knew he was drinking occasionally, but I didn't realize to the extent…

"We've dealt with worse and we will deal with it and this too shall pass. Otherwise my husband will be taken to the hospital to get my foot removed from his ass."

Time after time we have marvelled at Sharon’s toughness and unshakable courage as she weathered exhausting storms. She remained the powerhouse in their marriage and a pillar of strength. Time after time she has forgiven and stood strong.

This time it’s reported that Ozzy’s sobriety isn’t in question. Rather, Sharon is said to have gone “ballistic” over claims Ozzy has had an affair with “rock-obsessed” hair stylist Michelle Pugh, 45.

Sharon has tried and tried - it’s understandable if she’s tired of trying. She’s had 33 years of pouring effort into this union and none of us can blame her for choosing to walk away this time. Enough is enough.
If anything, having endured decades of unimaginable strife that would have defeated many of us, it’s heartbreakingly sad that a third party has finally broken them rather than it being a decision that was driven from within.

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