The best beauty looks this weekend were all in one place

Image: Cosplayers at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne over the weekend.

Forget ‘Beauty and the Geek’, this weekend we learned that life is best when you embrace both at once.

We were absolutely blown away by the creativity displayed by the cosplayers (short for “costume play,” where participants dress/role play in costumes at conventions) at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, especially when it came to their hair and makeup. From pastel coloured wigs, to fully painted faces, these wood nymphs, Disney Princesses and comic book heroes had hardcore beauty cred.

Best of all, everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives. Beauty is meant to be fun, and cosplayers know that better than anyone.

We often complain about how in Australia, there aren’t many excuses to get dressed up, but Comic Con seems like a really, really good one. Sure it’s not exactly ball-gowns and tiaras, but a rainbow wig and some face paint seems like a cooler option anyway.

What’s the best costume you’ve ever worn? Show us a photo if you have one!