Naming your baby too stressful? Never fear. You can now pay someone to do it for you.

If you have a spare $30,000, there is a company in Switzerland you can contract to name your baby for you.

Yes, friends. You can now outsource pretty well anything, including the task of naming your child.

Bloomberg reports that last year, Swiss naming agency Erfolgswelle branched out from just name brands to now branding children.

Reporter Polly Mosendz writes that the agency will spend over 100 hours over two to three weeks determining the perfect moniker for your progeny. They check that the name has not previously been trademarked, analyse data and conduct an historical analysis to ensure your child is not tainted by negative events or people of years past.

Marc Hauser, who heads up Erfolgswelle, says his own name would not make the cut because of its association with the Roman god of war.

We concede, naming a baby can be a stressful exercise and it may well pay to make sure your baby doesn’t bear a name that will cause them grief as they grow up.

After all, how many baby Adolf’s are there running around these days?

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