Can you see the outline of a foetus in a Brazilian model's photo?

An Instagram photo of Brazilian model Adriana Sant’anna has gone viral – for a very intriguing reason.

The heavily pregnant 24-year-old uploaded a photo of herself in a bikini earlier this week, and before long, many fans were claiming they could see the outline of her unborn child on her bare stomach.

Image via Instagram @santanaadriana.

Many believe the photo shows the baby curled up in the foetal position with its head sitting above Sant’anna's navel.

According to the Daily Mail, one commenter wrote, "I can see the baby in her womb pressing against her belly" while another added, "How nice! I've seen the baby even before it's born."

Can you see it? How about in the photo below?

Image via Instagram @santanaadriana.

But is it even possible to see a foetus through a mother's stomach?

The Motherish spoke to Chloe Norton, who has worked as a midwife for eight years - and she had her doubts.

But Norton stressed that it was impossible to be certain without personally examining Sant’anna.

"I don't think that's possible! I've never seen it," she said.

Image via Instagram @santanaadriana.

"I think it's stomach muscles, not necessarily the baby. You can sometimes see part [of the foetus] sticking out, it could be a head or bum at the top but...I would have to feel it."

Sant’anna, who appeared on the Brazilian version of Big Brother in 2011, has been posting regular photos of herself throughout her pregnancy.

She met her husband Rodrigao, 27, on the show and the pair married last year.

Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, Adriana - and thanks for sharing.

Can you see the 'foetus' in the photo?