Our team nails each of this season’s trends for under $300.

Thanks to our brand partner, Westfield

Three women. Three different styles. One challenge: how to put together an outfit with this season’s trends for under $300.

We put our Mamamia writers to the ultimate fashion test when we asked them to put together an entire look using this season’s biggest trends from Westfield: Lace, Fashion Flashbacks, and Stripes and Plaid.

We gave it a shot, and friends, we succeeded.

Natalia Krslovic takes on the Fashion Flashbacks trend.

When I look back to my formative years, I think about hanging out in the art rooms in high school with my friends, working on my HSC major work and listening to New Wave music.

My personal style came into its own in this time of my life, and still borrows heavily from art and music from the late ‘70s to the early ’90s, so I’m all about the fashion flashbacks that we’re seeing this season.

Nostalgic in parts, but still young and fun-loving, here’s how I’m throwing together a casual weekend look.

Left: Natalia's picks for an outfit under $300. Right: Natalia Krslovic. Images supplied.

Marcs ‘Video Games’ Mini - $169.

In order to play up my quirky side but keep it practical, I always start with a statement piece and work the rest of my outfit around it. This Marcs mini is inspired by video games and the bold geometric print is the real MVP of this outfit.

Karyn In La Maggie Aviator Sunglasses via City Beach, $19.95.

We live in Australia, people, there’s never not a need for shades. These '80s-style aviators will make you feel like a maverick as soon as you put them on.

Esprit Short Sleeved T-shirt, $9.95.

Simple, graphic T-shirts have been the cornerstone of my wardrobe since adolescence. This cheap and cheerful Esprit number boasts a cute illustrated print, and for less than $10, how can this art-lover say no?

Spend-Less 'Serve' Sneakers, $29.99.

I’m either the least girly-girl alive or the reincarnation of a ‘90s rap god, because I live in sneakers. This classic white pair will go with everything.

Ally Fashion Washed Denim Jacket, $45.99.

The ‘80s and ‘90s were all about denim, and I’m so glad the denim jacket has finally made a comeback. It’s the perfect go-to for this ‘not-sure-if-I-need-a-jacket’ weather.

Sportsgirl ‘Just Balmy’ lip balm in Cotton Candy, $4.95.

I love the feeling of moisturised lips, so I keep a few ointments and glosses on me at all times. At only $4.95, this Sportsgirl lip balm is a steal.

TOTAL: $279.83.

Lauren Williamson takes on the Lace trend.

When it comes to style, I would describe my aesthetic as Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, or perhaps Beyoncé meets Zoolander à la Derelicte.

When I try, I really try. And when I don’t, well… my colleagues have seen me in track pants on more occasions than I care to count.

So if it’s a night on the town I’ll dress to at least the eights, if not the nines. But my choices for day-to-day wear come down to comfort with a smidge of what’s “trendy”.

When I was challenged to make the AW16 ‘lace’ trend my own in one outfit for $300, I struggled to imagine how I could make a style so traditionally feminine and chic… comfortable.


Westfield was there to help me out. I easily created a look I could take from desk to D-floor with no fuss.

Left: Lauren's picks for an outfit under $300. Right: Lauren Williamson. Images supplied.

Millers Black Lace Overlay Top - $40.

I love the intricate lace detail of this top and it could easily be dressed up or down.

Review Jitterbug Skirt - $119.00.

I’m all about high-waisted skirts when it comes to comfort. Because pure comfort is the ability to harbour a secret food baby, without anyone being able to notice. And shiny = brilliant.

Betts ‘Natalie’ in Nude - $44.99.

A medium heel is my favourite mix of style and comfort. I can feel a little but dressed up but I can still run for the bus if need be.

Mac Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo - $36.

Now that I realise my choices seem to be black topped with black with a side of ‘depressing’, I thought a bright lipstick would be best to finish off with.

General Pants Co Le Specs Flashy Black - $59.95.

I might as well finish off my Cruella Deville-inspired look with these amazing specs.

TOTAL: $299.94.

Mary Grew takes on the Stripes and Plaid trend.

My style tends to sit on the border between polished and whatever is lying on top of my ‘chair-pile’.

I need to be comfortable. For example, my favourite shoes are easy enough to pull on that I can do it while spooning muesli into my mouth with my other hand.

During the cooler months, a classic colour palette helps me avoid clashing when I attempt layering.

I’ve managed to put together an entire smart casual outfit for under $300 from Westfield’s AW16 collection with money left over for stockings (yay for warm legs!).

Left: Mary's picks for an outfit under $300. Right: Mary Grew. Images supplied.

Ally Fashion Stripe Pocket Shirt - $25.99.

I love that this statement top turns the stripe trend on its side. I’d tuck it into a skirt to give it a girly spin.

Witchery Double Button Mini - $99.95.

I’m a sucker for cute details like buttons and pockets, so this comfy A-line skirt is a winner.

Dotti Pu Zip Motorcycle Jacket in Black - $89.99.

This one’s a staple. I’d throw it on top of just about anything.

Wanted Shoes ‘Perry Black boots - $59.95.

My autumn/winter shoes must pass a simple checklist. Are they black? Are they versatile? Do they have a low to non-existent heel? (Uncoordinated-tall-girl problems follow me everywhere). These boots are perfect.

Napoleon Perdis Double Agent Rogue- $19.

In winter I need help to look a little less Twilight and a little more… well, alive. A pop of rosy colour on my lips and cheeks does the trick.

Total: $294.88.

What cheap-and-cheerful purchases are you loving this season?