Nicole Adolphe is a stylist and fashion editor. These are her 9 favourite outfit hacks.

Have you ever had an outfit in mind that should work on paper, but once you put it on, it falls a little... flat? 

The pieces go together, yes, but they're missing those final touches - possibly another layer, or some banger accessories - to pull it all together.

Nicole Adolphe is a content creator, former magazine fashion editor and the Head of Style at The Iconic. And her job is to literally take an outfit from looking good to looking great (among other things).

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Sounds like the coolest gig ever, right? And because we're nosy, we asked Nicole for all the tricks of a professional stylist - including her top recommendations to shop - so we too can level up our looks.

Here are the nine genius tips she shared.

1. The half-tuck. 

While oversized clothes are very much in, they can sometimes swamp you and hide your shape. There's a hack to combat that, if you want to.

"Whether you're wearing an oversized boxy shirt, knit jumper, sweat top or baggy t-shirt, a half tuck on one side of your jeans is a great way to show off your waist, whilst giving you more shape in the top," Nicole told Mamamia.

"For the sleeve cuff of an oversized shirt, rather than just pushing the sleeves up, undo the buttons, roll up how you wish and put an elastic band under the fabric to help keep the sleeve up."

Nicole's top oversized shirt pick: Blanca Benny Shirt, $229.

Image: The Iconic.


2. Layer your vest.

Have you considered buying one of those on-trend knitted vests but then worried you won't know what to do with it? Us too.

But Nicole says fear not.

"The perfect way to layer [a knitted vest] is with a white shirt or long sleeve turtleneck knit underneath, paired with a wide leg pant," the stylist said.

"Always undo the last one or two buttons at the hem of the shirt to give it a relaxed feel," she added.

Nicole's top vest pick: Aere Knitted Vest, $100.

Image: The Iconic.


3. The t-shirt knot. 

Sometimes the easiest way to pull together an outfit is to break it up and show some skin. 

Nicole has a simple trick to achieve that, and it won't cost you a cent.

"To make a regular t-shirt a crop (without needing to cut the t-shirt), tie a knot at the back or use an elastic band to hold the knot in place and tuck it under," she said.


4. Trench tip.

ICYMI, trench coats are trending this winter and Nicole has a hack to make them look effortless.

"[To] make your trench coat look stylish in both the front and back, [tie] the belt into a neat knot at the back," she told us.

"I like to loop one side of the belt through so that it’s more of a statement knot."

Nicole's top trench coat pick: Minima Esenciales Savani Relaxed Trench, $340.

Image: The Iconic.


5. Rethink your knitwear.

For obvious reasons, knits are a must-have during the cooler months. 

Instead of wearing one with your typical jeans or sweatpants, Nicole suggests stepping it up a notch by teaming your knitwear with a skirt.

"Try a silk bias cut skirt or a knitted skirt," she said.

Nicole's top knitted skirt pick: Hansen and Gretel Corbin Skirt, $359.

Image: The Iconic.


6. Add an oversized blazer.

While most of us own an oversized blazer (or have one on the wish list), there are a few outfit formulas Nicole swears by when it comes to styling them - like a t-shirt and jeans, or belted with a simple short black dress underneath.

"I also love a cute dress worn with a boxy oversize blazer and heels as an evening look," she added.

Nicole's top blazer pick: Camilla & Marc Ovalia Blazer, $650.

Image: The Iconic.

7. Belt hack.

Belts can be tricky to style, especially when you're wearing them with an outfit that doesn't have belt loops built in. 

Nicole, of course, has a trick for that!

"If you're wearing a long belt and don’t have belt loops, tuck the long end of the belt under, then loop it over the belt and through the loop you just created with the extra length," she said.


8. Try a bodysuit.

"Not a fan of this season's crop tops and stomach baring low-rise pieces? Wear a bodysuit instead," Nicole said.

"A simple black bodysuit is a great option that covers up the skin, but still has a sexy feel. I’ll also wear a bodysuit under sheer tops or dresses."

Nicole's top bodysuit pick: Minima Journey Knit Bodysuit, $160.

Image: The Iconic.


9. Always accessorise.

And finally, the easiest way to elevate a look: accessories.

"Add a pop of colour with a cute bag or shoe to lift your outfit," Nicole suggests.

"Jewellery wise, I like to add a little sparkle or bling with a statement earring to dress up any look."

"Having a selection of headwear is also key when you’re in a rush or having a bad hair day," she added.

"The baseball cap is trending, and looks great with a coat, puffer or bomber jacket - or opt for a beanie for an extra layer of warmth."

And there you have it, styling 101.

Feature image: Instagram/@nicoleadolphe

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