'Bizarre' outback stabbing of Frenchman Philippe Jegouzo 'could not be predicted'.

By Xavier La Canna

The stabbing death of tourist Philippe Jegouzo in the Northern Territory outback was “bizarre” and “random” and there were no concerns other travellers were in any danger, NT Police have said.

Detective Superintendent Travis Wurst today said the crime, which saw Mr Jegouzo stabbed in the neck and killed at the remote Connors Well roadside stop about 100 kilometres north of Alice Springs on Wednesday, was bizarre.

“This is bizarre, obscure and could not have been predicted on any scale,” Mr Wurst told journalists in Darwin.

‘No safety concerns for any tourist in Central Australia’

He said other tourists should not feel unsafe due to events.

“There are no safety concerns for any tourist or any traveller or any resident of Alice Springs or Central Australia whatsoever,” he said.

The partner of the dead man, Aurelie Chorier, was with Mr Jegouzo when he died, in what police believe was an unprovoked attack.

She flagged down a passing car that contained a nurse from the Ti Tree health clinic and the nurse’s husband.

The nurse stayed and helped the injured man, while her husband drove another 40km to the Aileron Roadhouse to call for help.

Veleski mental health ‘not being assessed’

Mr Wurst confirmed no charges had been laid against suspect Pande Veleski, who was captured by police on Thursday morning after he ran naked into the bush near the township of Ti Tree, about 100 kilometres from where the stabbing occurred.

There have been reports Mr Veleski may have been mentally ill, but Mr Wurst said he had not been psychologically assessed since he was taken into custody.

“He is in hospital seeking treatment for exhaustion only, exhaustion and dehydration,” Mr Wurst said.

“He is not being assessed in relation to his mental health at all.”

The police officer also revealed officers were seeking to speak to an Indigenous man who they believe was at the scene of the stabbing about 10 minutes before the incident occurred.

He said police responded to the stabbing as quickly and as promptly as they could.

“We provided a rapid response using expert resources to bring this person into custody,” Mr Wurst said.

Police have appealed for any people who were travelling north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway who may have had an in-built dashcam on their car to send them the footage.

Police can be reached on 131 444 or via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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