"It was nothing short of bullying." Osher Günsberg responds to body-shaming article.

Yesterday the Daily Mail and news.com.au featured articles with photos of The Bachelor Australia host Osher Günsberg in Bali capture by paparazzi getting into his wetsuit to enjoy a dive.

The Daily Mail article referred to Osher’s current weight, labelled his body “portly”, and went on to refer to previous weight and mental health struggles.

Osher responded when chatting with Stav and Abby on their Hit101 show this morning. 

I got a text from Mia Freedman of Mamamia yesterday saying, ‘You’ve been body shamed. Welcome to what it feels like to be a woman everyday’.

Now, never once have I ever used my physique as currency.

I’ve never said ‘here’s my mad rig …pay me to have a mad rig!’

If anything I’ve been very open with struggles with mental health and weight.

This article is nothing short of bullying. If we put that on a notice board at work (of someone), and referred to someone as having a ‘Bali belly’- we’d be fired.

It really hurt my feelings.

At the airport when we landed back in Sydney , the look of glee in the photographer’s eyes… It was the same look the bullies had in their eyes back at school.

So, boom I was back there, 12 years old, getting stacked on at the gym.

I’ve never been paid to be the hot guy. There’s a reason I didn’t sing on Idol and a reason I don’t have my shirt off on The Bachelor.

Not only is it bullying and it’s mean, I mean, it really hurt and it really sucks, it’s just bad journalism.

Hear Osher talking to Mia Freedman on No Filter about mental health, The Bachelor and why he changed his name

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