Osher Gunsberg's All Star Family Feud answer had everyone scratching their heads.

There were way too many hilarious and bizarre moments on Monday night’s All Star Family Feud episode which saw our favourite Bachelorettes take on Osher and his Bachelors.

But there was one moment that had us (and a lot of viewers) scratching their heads.

One contestant had a very bizarre answer on last night's episode. Image via Channel 10.

When asked to name a place where people stash their money, Osher Günsberg replied "on the fridge".

No, not on top of the fridge. ON. THE. FRIDGE.

"No, Grant, it goes ON the fridge, not ON TOP!" Image via Channel 10.

Osher justified his answer by saying he had "lived in a few share houses" where keeping money on the fridge door with a magnet was the norm.


Oh, and did we mention there was only ONE ANSWER left on the board? Grant - and the audience - were convinced that Osher had just given the game away to the girls.

And then this happened:

Fridge-stashing for the win! Image via Channel 10.

That, my friends, is the face of a man whose answer was on the board.

Go figure.

Fans watching the TV special were quick to ask on social media whether keeping money on the fridge was actually, you know, a thing.

"[That] was the weirdest answer ever and I said to my son there's no way that will be the last answer!" said one fan on Facebook.

"How is on the fridge under a magnet hiding it?" said another.

Even Osher was aware at the shock that his answer won his team the game, posting a joke on Instagram.

Who stashes money in a fridge? Neville F**king Bartos that's who. #chopper #familyfeudau

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Fridge-stasher or not, there's no way we're going to argue with the all-knowing Family Feud survey board.