The real hero of last night's Bachelor In Paradise was, erm, unexpected.

Bachelor in Paradise started last night, perfectly timed to fill the hole left in our lives TV schedules now Married At First Sight is finished.

The first episode saw the return of many infamous Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects (harsh but literally the premise of the show) including Keira Maguire, Leah Costa and Michael Turnbull.

But forget the contestants, there was someone – or rather something else – viewers couldn’t stop commenting on last night.

It was also making a much anticipated return and divided viewers more than any one else on the island.

Yes, we’re talking about Osher’s hair.

Just like Osher, his hair (which has its own Twitter account FYI) was a little bit more loose and cheeky last night.

Some loved it. Others weren’t so impressed.



Host Osher Gunsberg even responded on behalf of his hair.

“The hair was a challenge I won’t lie…” he said in response to a question about how it would hold up in the Fiji humidity.


“Achieving that height in humid conditions is not easy,” he added.


We’ll be tuning in tonight to see the status of our beloved ‘do.

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