Osher: 'You fall in love with the woman, and you end up falling for the kid as well.'

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When Osher Gunsberg asked his partner Audrey Griffen to marry him, he knew exactly what he was doing.

“What they don’t tell you about dating a woman with a kid is that you fall in love with the woman and then you end up falling in love with the kid as well,” he told Mia Freedman her No Filter podcast.

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“Because the kid has all these things that – you know, she’s her mother’s daughter. She’s got all the same things that I love about her mother.”

The Bachelor and podcast host also spoke about how living with Audrey and her daughter has changed the way he feels about having kids of his own.

“As far as having kids – I told Audrey flat out – look whether we do or don’t. It’s up to you. Because I feel, I truly feel that the transformation I need as a man – I can get through my relationship with her kid.”

Osher and Audrey. And, yes, a ring.
“Here’s the other thing – she’s 11, and she’s grown so much since I met her. She’s beautiful. Okay so the other day we are in the car – and we were talking about how fast she is growing up and Audrey says, as soon as that kid turns 13 I’m going to buy her a horse. And she’s going to look after that horse every afternoon. And ride it on the weekends. And I say – but we live in an apartmen… And I say – but doesn’t that cost a lot of money? And Audrey says – ‘At what price for my daughter’s virginity?'”

Smart woman, that Audrey.

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