Osher Günsberg: "This is the best piece of love advice I've ever received."

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My best piece of love advice came from my dearly departed Uncle.

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Here’s what my Uncle used to say about relationships:

“When you first meet that special person, you get struck with this overall feeling of wonderfulness that surrounds everything you do every time you see or think about this person. Now imagine that feeling is a beautiful purple glittery glow that covers you from head to toe. This glow surrounds you and your partner for a few weeks and makes you both feel wonderful. It makes colours seem brighter, things taste better, and the world a nicer place to be in.

When you commit to each other and become a couple – imagine that purple glitter goes up into a jar that you put on the top shelf.

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Every time you have an argument or disagreement, your partner pisses you off or comes home late, forgets a birthday, embarrasses you in public – you can open up that jar and sprinkle a little of that purple magic glitter on the two of you and the uncomfortable feelings will go away.

They go away because you’ll remember those early days and sigh, remembering how they used to make you feel and hope that they’ll make you feel that way again.

But always remember – you can never refill that jar. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

The way to avoid running out of that special glitter is to try to reinvent your relationship every single day. Don’t rely on nostalgia to keep you in a situation – create that magic anew as often as you can. Let them know you’re thinking of them, let them know how you’re special to them, let them have a surprise just because.

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If you’re constantly dipping into that jar to smooth over problems, you’ll run into trouble. It might be after a few months, it might be after a few years, but if you don’t keep reinventing the relationship and find new ways to thrill each other, one day you’ll turn around and realise that not only you’ve been living in a relationship based on a past thrill that has long since gone.


You’ll realise that without knowing it, you’ve been using that purple magic to just get you through every day and before you realise – it will all be gone.

The key is to make every day just a little bit special for each other and that jar of purple magic can stay for a day when you really need it.

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