Osher Günsberg is officially the Leonardo DiCaprio of the Logies and it needs to stop.

Australia, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Our nation’s dear, dear friend Osher Günsberg — yes, the one who has guided us through so many hard times, like the moment Nikki Gogan got her heart crushed and the time Matty J doubled over in pain when Georgia Love revealed she had fallen for another man — is Logie-less.

the bachelor mansion
NO, OSHER. NO IT IS NOT OKAY. Image via Channel 10.

There are no little Logie men (is that what they are even called? What is the statue even of?) lining the shelves of his display cabinet.

And I can no longer sit back and ignore this horrible, frankly quite traumatising, fact.

Osher's face when he wins that long overdue Logie. Image via Channel 10.

Who do you think plans all those amazing Bachelor/Bachelorette dates? Who do you think painstakingly picks EACH. INDIVIDUAL. ROSE from the garden to be ready in time for every rose ceremony?

Who do you think folds all of those little date cards, slides them into the red envelopes and then licks them so they are sealed to perfection?


(*Not confirmed).

You see, when even Osher himself is forced to acknowledge that he WORKS SO DAMN HARD and gets NO REWARD OR RECOGNITION, there is something very, very wrong.

Posting on Instagram, Oshie reminded us all that he has been in the business for 18 LONG YEARS and he's never won.

That's right. 18 long years, Jack. Vote now

A photo posted by Osher Günsberg (@osher_gunsberg) on

That's almost as long as the time Leonardo DiCaprio waited before finally, FINALLY bagging himself that coveted Best Actor Oscar this year.

(For those playing along at home, it was 22 years...)

The first and last time Osh was nominated for a Logie was in 2004 for his hosting gig on Australian Idol. Yes, back when he was Andrew G.

Remember the Leo Oscar memes? We need to bring those back, but for Osher.

I hereby declare that for the next Logies, #ImWithOsher.

And you should be too.