Errr... There's a guy on Bumble actually pretending to be Osher Gunsberg, and pls.

There’s nothing worse than showing up to your Bumble date only to discover your match looks absolutely nothing like their profile picture.

Imagine if you thought that match would be a dead ringer for Osher Gunsberg, but it turned out to be just some creepy guy who’d ripped his photos from Instagram, made up a fake account, and also claimed to be a massive George Orwell fan.

Well, here, we present you with exhibit A.

“A” for Andy (we assume as a nod to Osher’s previous name, Andrew.):

…Yeah, we don’t know how “Andy” thought he’d get away with it, either – considering Osher is one of Australia’s most recognisable men.

Nice try though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

We bet whoever “Andy” really is has nothing on Osher’s game-making skills. Post continues after video.

Taking to Instagram last week, the Bachelor host and author called “Andy” out for his catfish attempt, urging fans NOT to date him should they see him pop up on their screen.


“Apparently I’m back on the dating scene,” he began.

“Andy here is on @bumble_australia which is catfishy as f*ck. Don’t date him. He’s lying about his age, is always late and likes boomer music (Warren Zevon, really?) I’m not on @bumble_australia obvs – can someone please report this asshole?”

We can only assumed the profile has now been taken down, which we are grateful for. It’s hard enough navigating the online dating world, even without guys like “Andy” floating about.

Osher has been married to makeup artist Audrey Griffen since December 2016, who, funnily enough, he didn’t meet on Bumble.

The pair actually met on the set of The Bachelor – Blake Garvey’s 2014 trainwreck of a season, to be exact.

Osher and Audrey were set up by the outgoing makeup artist who Audrey came in to replace, after Osher lamented about how hard reentering the dating season was after separating from his first wife, Israeli model Noa Tishby.

It was an instant attraction.

“The day she started I turned up on the show and there was this beautiful vision of light,” the Bachie host told Sunday Life.

Despite asking her out to a comedy gig, it took Audrey until the second date to realise Osher was interested in her.

“There’s a lot of bravado that’s required in front of the camera, but he was quite shy and timid – a very self-deprecating and endearing side,” the 37-year-old said.

Their love story is, by all accounts, adorable.

Unlike Andy’s catfish attempt. That’s just gross.