The old-school rule Osher Gunsberg swears by with his teenage stepdaughter.

It’s the car ride where the truth all comes out. And it so it did for The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg, who, in the latest episode of Youi‘s Who’s In The Car? online series, spilled a little home truth about his home life.

The 43-year-old, who married makeup artist Audrey Griffen in January, is now a stepdad to her 12-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Georgia. And like most parents, he’s got a rule about household swearing (hint: it doesn’t involve washing her mouth out with soap. PHEW).

“We have a swear jar in our house,” Osher tells comedian Katie Burch in the video above. “Would you like to guess the denominations of swear jar penalties in our place?”

When Katie dubs him a “rich person”, Osher isn’t so keen: “You may have mistaken me for someone who works on a more impressive television show.”

Osher Gunsberg
Osher with his stepdaughter Georgia. Image: Getty.

On the subject of mistaken identity, Katie asks the question Osher has been asked almost daily since his 38th birthday: why on earth did Andrew G change his name to Osher Gunsberg?

"Today I'll be joined by Andrew G impersonator, Osher Gunsberg," she kicks off the awkwardness. As Osher jumps in and asks Katie to "take him to the mansion" (side note: we always had a sneaking suspicion he spent his days tending to the rose bushes at The Bachelor mansion in between seasons), she get right to the point.

"Let's chat about the name..." she begins, before Osher explains that it's actually a "very average" story.

katie osher meet YOUI
"Andrew G impersonator" Osher Gunsberg is in for the ride of his life. Image via Youi.

"It's very common... I'm sure everyone has had an experience with a Kabbalah mystic in Israel that told them if they changed their name, they would change their life," he says.

Look, Osher, I totally get it. One time, a food delivery man brought dumplings to my office that were really meant to a girl called Jeanine.

Good things totally happen when you change your name.

Osher YOUI
That's exactly how my face looked when I changed my name to Jeanine (for five minutes) too, Osher. Image via Youi.

As bizarre as Osher's story may sound, he says it's "exactly what happened".

"On my 38th birthday... I went up the mountain a snowboarder called Andrew, and I came down the mountain a skier called Osher. That was it," he says.

While Katie hints that perhaps altitude sickness played a part in the whole "changing my name and confusing the entire country" thing, we do appreciate Osher's no-nonsense explanation of his decision.

To finish the drive, Osher - who we're going to credit with being single-handedly responsible for couples like Sam and Snezana and Tim and Anna finding love - also offered up a little relationship advice for us all.

"What are your tips on love? Be super hot?" Katie asks.

"Just do your best to become the most authentic version of yourself and travel upon your own path," Osher replies.

His "new" name might be the Hebrew word for "happiness", but Osher is one of the wisest celebs we know.

You can watch the full video above. Who's In The Car is a new online video series by Youi car insurance.

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