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Osher Gunsberg says there’s one rose ceremony moment that never makes the cut.

Osher Gunsberg (and his glorious hair) has just given us a lil’ bit of bachie goss.

In case you missed it, Osher is currently hosting Australia’s very first season of Bachelor in Paradise.

It’s basically like a revolving tropical sex door of ex bachie contestants tryin’ to find love and handing out roses on a Fijian island.

At each rose ceremony the person/s who doesn’t get a rose, is booted off the island.

The Bach Chat team discuss Jake’s big ole’ rose ceremony faux pas. Post continues. 

That’s when Osher gets his big moment and solemnly says, “[Insert name here] you didn’t get a rose. Please take a few moments to say your goodbyes”.

Which… which… they already know.

Anyhoo, on Tuesday night Rachel Corbett, Head of Podcasts at Mamamia and regular panellist on The Project, tweeted this:


Osher himself then replied, “It’s happened more than once, but it hasn’t made the cut yet”.

Um, we NEED that blooper reel, Osher.