As the world cringes over the Oscars blunder, Sarah Murdoch can be heard cheering.

For anyone currently in Australia, if you listen very closely, you will hear the faint joyful cries of none other than Sarah Murdoch.

Following Warren Beatty’s awkward blunder on the world stage, Sarah Murdoch is said to be “cheering excitedly” from within her Sydney estate.

In 2010, Murdoch infamously announced Kelsey Martinovich had won season six of Australia’s Next Top Model, which came with a prize of a modelling contract, a trip to New York, a car and $20,000.

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Understandably, Martinovich was ecstatic. But there was just one very small issue. 

Martinovich didn’t win.

Amanda Ware did.

The video of Murdoch’s face receiving the news via an earpiece that Ware was 100 per cent, definitely the winner, and Martinovich was unequivocally the runner-up, went viral.

“I still feel sick about it,” Murdoch said following the event.

NO. Image via Fox 8.

"I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch a playback."

But today, Murdoch is the single biggest beneficiary of the Oscars blunder, perhaps in the whole entire universe.

"I've been waiting for this moment for more than six years now," Murdoch told Mamamia, in an interview that may or may not have happened.

"The Oscars is SO MUCH WORSE than Top Model," she laughed.

"I'm sorry, but literally the whole world was watching."

FINALLY. Image via Channel 9.

Indeed, as the world cringes, Murdoch has begun penning invites to her inaugural "I've-no-longer-made-the-biggest-gaffe-on-television-woohoo!" party.

She did add as the [possibly fictional] interview wrapped up, "I don't want to say the Oscars 'copied' me, but I'm not ruling it out."

Just an FYI to the United States: Australia did it first.

And it made for bloody brilliant television.

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