Victory. The red carpet mani-cam has been abolished.

VICTORY. Very small, very specific, nail polish-related victory.

Easily one of the stupidest things about the red carpet has been abolished. Yes, The Mani Cam is GONE.

The Mani Cam is a teeny tiny camera fixed on a tiny red carpet inside a shoebox. Famous women are asked to parade their hands along the tiny red carpet in a very weird display of hand-modelling and humiliation.

It’s been on the red carpet since 2012. But now, E! has announced the mani-cam won’t appear at this years Oscars — due to “space constraints.” HUZZAH.

The powerfully stupid invention may be a casualty of the awesome feminist #askhermore campaign. The campaign asked entertainment reporters to focus on the actresses’ talent rather than their looks.

Read more: Jennifer Aniston and Julianne Moore refuse to take part in red carpet tradition.

Jennifer Aniston and Julianne Moore were the first two to refuse the stupid tradition at the SAG Awards that took place in January.

Following Cate Blanchett’s lead in 2014, Jen and Julianne each took their turn when being interviewed by E! Host Maria Menounos to shut her down.

Other mani-cam shirkers were Reese Witherspoon and Orphan Black actress Tatiana Maslany.

PS. If you need more of an understanding of what mani-cam is in all it’s absurd glory, here:

Thanks to the campaign’s global appeal,  E! did not feature the Mani Cam at the 2015 Grammy Awards earlier this month. Both the Mani Cam and the Clutch Cam will not be used at the 87th Annual Academy Awards held today.