There was another gut-wrenching Oscars stuff-up we missed amid the Best Picture drama.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences must be feeling a little deflated after the biggest stuff-up in awards show history.

Audience members and viewers alike aren’t soon going to forget the moment Faye Dunaway incorrectly announced La La Land had won Best Picture before it was revealed Moonlight was, in fact, the intended recipient.

However, there was another, perhaps more embarrassing, and certainly more disrespectful mistake that went unnoticed by many on Hollywood’s night or nights.

Listen: The Oscar’s mistake that has everyone talking.

As part of the In Memoriam segment which pays tribute to those who have passed away who made an impact the film industry, Australian woman Janet Patterson was honoured for her contributions to costume design.

Frustratingly to those that knew the notoriously private costume designer personally, the photo that accompanied her name was not of Patterson, but another Australian – producer Jan Chapman.

This is not Janet Patterson, but Jan Chapman. (Image via ABC.)

Patterson, who died last October, was nominated for four Academy Awards for her contributions to The Piano, Oscar and Lucinda, Portrait of a Lady and Bright Star.

Meanwhile, Sydney-based film producer Jan Chapman, is 66 years old and very much still alive.

No one in the room seemed to have spotted the mistake, but those viewers who knew Patterson did, and took to Twitter to correct and criticise the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

So how can the Academy have gotten in so wrong?

Well, there are very few photos of Patterson publicly available, so it might have been hard to verify the image they chose, which was captioned incorrectly in image database Getty.

The Getty image is itself of Jan Chapman, but it was mistakenly captioned "Janet Patterson poses with her award for Best Production Design".

Confusing the issue further is that in one of the few other photos available of the costume designer, Patterson is pictured alongside Chapman as the pair worked on The Piano together.

Nevertheless, we suspect the Academy will be paying a little more attention to detail at next year's Oscars.

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