Why Orphan Black is the only TV show you need to be watching right now.

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We need to talk about the show Orphan Black. 

It’s got intrigue. Danger. Drama.

It’s kinda sci-fi, but not super sci-fi-y.

Most of all, it is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat.

Produced in Canada, the show is currently in it’s fourth season and tells the story of a single mother, Sarah Manning, who discovers she is one of a dozen (and counting…) clones.

Sarah soon meets her test tube sisters, mum Alison, student Cosima, assassin Helena and more, and they begin to navigate their way closer to the truth of why they were created.

It’s super twisted. But in a brilliant way.

And this week on The Binge, the unthinkable has happened, Rosie and Laura are actually in agreement about the quality of a show.

Dun, dun, DUN!

"I am not one that is partial to sci-fi but this show even hooked me." Rosie says.

"I feel like that's the first time you've been that excited about my recommendation. I don't think I have to say anything else." Laura replied.

Listen to Rosie and Laura chat about all things 'Orphan Black.' (Post continues after audio.) 

Sounds interesting right? Now, here's the kicker of the show. All of the clones are played by the ONE actress.

Her name is Tatiana Maslany and both Rosie and Laura can't get enough of her chameleon like acting ability.


"[She] is the greatest actress I think I've ever seen on TV." Laura says.

"She plays every central character on the show, but it's so hard to tell that because each character is so well done, so separated, so nuanced, she really becomes each of the characters, sometimes there's six characters on screen, [and they’re] all played by the same woman, but you could barely tell, because each one of them is so different. She gets into all of their heads.” Laura says.

Watch the trailer for Orphan Black. (Post continues after video.) 

Tatiana apparently plays one character per week during filming, which helps her to stay in line with the complexities of each separate clone. And while she has been nominated for a good amount of television awards, she's only ever won two and they were both Canadian Screen Awards.

And both Rosie and Laura agree that it's about time she receives more recognition on a worldwide scale.

"I think as soon as the big award shows start recognising Netflix, and other online content makers as legitimate creators of quality television, more people like Tatiana will end up getting nominations." Rosie says.

The first two seasons of Orphan Black are available for streaming on Netflix.

Listen to the full episode of The Binge below, including our chat with Steve and Will from MKR, as well as why we need to talk about women at the Logies. You can find all episodes of The Binge on iTunes, on the Mamamia Podcast App (iOS only), as well as via your favourite podcast app. 

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