Arnott’s announcement has got us feeling all the feels.

Arnott's Shapes
Thanks to our brand partner, Arnott's Shapes

Arnott’s Biscuits made a very special announcement today: the original PIZZA SHAPES are making a comeback.


Our levels of excitement in the office are through the roof.

A few months ago, Arnott’s Shapes changed the recipe of their original line up of Shapes and the people were not happy. While some of the original flavours were still available, when I caught wind of the fact that PIZZA SHAPES – my favourite shape flavour – would be no more, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Grief settled in. Tables were flipped, lunchboxes were thrown.

Same girl, same. Image: Giphy.

But thank the snack food lords, our prayers have been answered. The original PIZZA SHAPES will be returning to outlets across the country, and the life of this once distraught reporter is now filled with hope once again.

After reports of shoppers hoarding original packets and selling them on eBay for extortionate amounts, endless tweets expressing love and loss over their favourite flavour, and even letters from children begging to end the madness, Arnott’s have listened and the people have won.


A spokesperson for Arnott’s said: "Since the launch of the New Shapes, we’ve been listening to feedback. Aussies have clearly shown us the love they have for original PIZZA SHAPES and we’re happy to announce the product will be returning to shelves over the coming weeks.

"We’ve been humbled by Australia’s passion for Shapes and would like to thank our fans for their patience. We hope to now have the best Shapes range for Shape-lovers old and new. "

So. Much. Excitement. Image: Giphy.

The O.G. PIZZA SHAPES will be reappearing on shelves this September, alongside the iconic BARBECUE, CHICKEN CRIMPY and SAVOURY flavours, and their reintroduction will mean all is right and good in the world once again.

To the delight of little people and not-so-little-people across the country, Arnott’s will also be bringing back BARBECUE and PIZZA SHAPES in multipacks, brightening up lunchboxes and reigniting playground economies everywhere.

Keep your eyes peeled on the snack food aisle of your local supermarket because in a few short weeks’ time, it will be restored to its former glory.

What is your favourite flavour of shapes?