What's in my trolley: Everything Elyse Knowles grabs in her weekly grocery shop.

What's in my trolley is Mamamia's look into the weekly grocery shop of Australian women. From food to everyday essentials, here's a peek at what different people are putting in their trolleys. This week, Elyse Knowles shares her organic shop, including her meals and snacks.

Elyse Knowles has a lot on her plate.

If you weren't across it, she's not only a working model, she's also a new mum, co-owner of a building and design company (which she started with her partner Josh Barker after they won The Block in 2017), and an ambassador for various brands.

Yep, there's a lot going on.

In between it all, you'll often find Elyse down at her local farmer's markets in Byron Bay, stocking up on fresh produce for her family.

We asked Elyse exactly what's inside her weekly grocery shop, including the pantry staples and products she always repurchases. Here's what she told us. 

Where Elyse Knowles likes to shop.

After winning The Block in 2017, Elyse and her partner (now-fiancé) Josh relocated from bustling Melbourne to the popular coastal town of Byron Bay. 

She prefers grabbing her fresh produce from local markets and grocers for a few reasons.

"I'm a big believer in supporting local and buying according to season," Elyse told Mamamia

"I find the food has a better flavour, more nutrients and it’s just a wholesome way to feed the family."


"The local grocers where I live are very communal and friendly," she said, adding that supporting her community has made food shopping more joyful.

"[It] doesn’t feel like a dreaded chore anymore."

How Elyse approaches her grocery shop.

Elyse's weekly shop changes depending on what produce is in season. But there are some staples you'll always find in her trolley (sorry, canvas tote bag).

"You'll always see greens, bananas, avocados, fresh fish and meat," she said. "Nuts, veggie chips [and] raw choccy [too]."

In March 2020, Elyse welcomed her first child, Sunny. Now almost one, he's eating solid food, and there are a few things Elyse loves to feed him.

"A lot of the time I am thinking about what I can power his little tummy with," she said. "Sweet potato, pumpkin… mush, mush, mush!"

"It’s great knowing my little boy is eating well as it makes me feel as if I’m doing my job right as a parent."

"But don’t get me wrong, it’s not always a breeze convincing him to actually eat what I cook for him," she added.

Having her son hasn't really changed the way she shops or what she buys.

"I’ve always preferred to buy local and organic where I can, so not much has changed on that front," she said. 

"Having a baby, however, means that I have to be as healthy as possible, especially as I’m still breastfeeding."


She finds that loading up on veggies, protein, omegas and whole grains is the key to her energy and clear mind. And she prefers to buy less and shop more often to keep her produce fresh.

"Plus, less time means I can race around and grab what I want before Sunny has to feed or nap!"

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Elyse also tends to steer clear of sugar and processed foods, with one exception.

"They’ve proven to be my skin's worst enemy," she said.

"But hand me a tub of Nutella… and I’ll see you at the bottom!"

Her pick of fresh fruit and veggies.

"Leafy greens and fresh fruit are the foundations of most of my meals," Elyse said.

So, you'll find lots of spinach, avocados, bananas, berries and nuts inside her grocery bag. And every second week, she gets a fruit and veg box with a mixture of local produce delivered.

"Just in case I can’t make the weekly farmer's market."

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Elyse's pantry staples.

Much like her fresh produce, Elyse's pantry staples are pretty clean too.

"Veggie chips, nuts and seeds, crackers for dip and chai tea!" she said of some of her favourites, adding that she loves to make dip and fresh almond milk.

As for her cooking essentials: "Coconut oil is great to cook with and flavours including fresh lemon, fresh herbs, ginger, tamari and garlic."

"Nothing overly fancy in my kitchen… just good old-fashioned flavour, rich nutrients and simple products," she added.

Her go-to summer snack.

When it comes to sweet treats, Elyse always adds Proud & Punch ice blocks to her weekly shop. 

"I like not feeling guilty," she said of the ice blocks, which are Aussie made using real ingredients.

"Cold and yum. Tick, tick, tick!"

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