Oprah Winfrey rushed to hospital and everyone said it was due to Ozempic. It was far from the truth.

Oprah Winfrey has opened up about a severe stomach-related incident that landed her in the emergency room. 

Her friend, Gayle King, revealed on Wednesday that Oprah was hospitalised after a stomach ache left her excreting from "both ends."

Speculation arose that the 70-year-old's health scare was linked to her recent admission to using weight loss drugs.

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"#Oprah reportedly in the Hospital over stomach issues. People need to be aware how dangerous #Ozempic is," one user shared on X.

"Oprah got Ozempic stomach, that’s why she in the hospital," another added. 

While the headlines started spinning, correlating her hospitalisation to the medication, Oprah was going through something much different. 

The talk show host and advocate has since explained that she was suffering from a stomach bug that caused severe dehydration, prompting her to show up at the emergency room.

"I'm not 100, I'm on my way to a 100," Oprah told Gayle over a video call.

"I was in the emergency room, I was so dehydrated," she said. "I had a dry mouth and I couldn't keep enough water down to get hydrated, so I went to the emergency room for that, and that's just it."


The talk show host explained that five other people in her household caught the same virus, and advised others to "keep your hands washed because I hear it's being transmitted through... the doctor told me that [the virus] lives on the doorknobs and railings for like, ten hours.

"So if you come across somebody who's been in the house and they've gone down the stairs, then you went down the stairs and you didn't wash your hands you end up with it."

Gayle then used the opportunity to clear the air, knowing she aired Oprah's business on national television. 

"The only point I was trying to make is to show how badly you wanted to be there to promote the book 'cause you never miss those," she said.

"The point I was trying to make, America, is that it had to be something that would keep her from getting on a plane and coming. That's the only point I was trying to make."

Gayle then told Oprah: "I didn't really think that it was a big deal or that it would be something that would be upsetting to you, otherwise I never would have said it."

Gayle disclosed the details while hosting CBS Mornings, revealing that Oprah had to miss the show because of her illness.


"She had some kind of stomach thing — stomach flu — stuff was coming out of both ends," said Gayle.

"I won’t get too graphic. Needless to say, she ended up in the hospital, dehydration, had to get an IV, it was a very serious thing."

The news anchor hoped that Oprah wouldn't object to her sharing the update, reassuring viewers that the media icon "will be okay."

Oprah was slated to unveil a new book on the TV show, handpicked by her celebrated book club as its summer recommendation.


A representative for Oprah has confirmed that she is recovering and "feeling better every day."

These health issues came to light after she admitted to taking part in weight loss and dietary culture during a live YouTube event earlier this year.

"I want to acknowledge that I have been a steadfast participant in this diet culture," she said.

"Through my platforms, through the magazine, through the talk show for 25 years and online. I’ve been a major contributor to it. I cannot tell you how many weight loss shows and makeovers I have done and they have been a staple since I’ve been working in television."

Late last year, she revealed to People that she had incorporated a "weight-loss medication to her regimen" and discussed her fitness goals in detail as she approached her 70th birthday.  

"After knee surgery, I started hiking and setting new distance goals each week. I could eventually hike three to five miles every day and a 10-mile straight-up hike on weekends," she said.

"I felt stronger, more fit and more alive than I’d felt in years."

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