Oprah visits Mamamia. Well almost.

I think she’s waving at me!

Lana writes: Oprah came to us for lunch today.

She didn’t really, in fact she went to Bungalow 8 for lunch and we weren’t invited.  But we saw her coming off her boat and I was was so excited I papped her.  Repeatedly.

Then when she was having lunch inside with 300 of her closest friends Mia, Nicky and I stood on the balcony and eavesdropped.  Oprah is not quiet, and for that we are very happy .

We listened to her telling her group of 300 that they were not randomly selected and that her staff had read their bios and selected them to be in the audience of her show that day because of what they had gone through. “For your childhoods or your situations or what you’ve overcome or what you’ve done with your life.” We cried.

And then we joined the Oprah cult.

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[Mia will be part of the media pack in the audience for the morning show and here is the live cross to the Today Show at 7:45am from the Oprah House]