Oh no he didn't... Oprah's high-5 left hanging at the Oscars.

And you get snubbed. And you get snubbed. And YOU get snubbed!

Plenty of awkward happened at this year’s Oscars. Mainly, John Travolta weird-kissing Scarlett Johansson.

But somehow, we missed this.


Rap artist Common and singer John Legend won the prize for Best Original Song for their song Glory which featured in the Oscar-nominated film, Selma. WHICH OPRAH WAS IN. So Common and Oprah were pretty much best friends.

Moments earlier, Common and John Legend had performed Glory on the Oscar stage. And there had been many shots of Oprah, clapping her heart out.

The best moments from the Oscars.

Then the big moment came.  ‘The winner is… Glory.’ They walk down the aisle. Oprah holds up her hand for a high-five.

And Common sees her, then snubs her.

Ice cold.

Obviously, Common was all caught up in the moment of winning an Oscar and not putting Oprah’s feelings first. But it’s okay. He turned around almost immediately and gave her a hug. A ‘sorry I snubbed the Queen’ hug.

“Whoops. Soz, Winfrey.”

We’re surprised she didn’t give him the ‘Oprah hug’ in return: