"I was always tragically single, until I met a man just like me."

I had always been tragically single.

I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school and while I had a few short relationships after school, nothing really stuck until I was 22 and met my boyfriend.

I wouldn’t say I’m undateable but I would say that I am definitely an individual and I learnt to embrace my “effervescent” personality (as my dad likes to say) when I joined the real world at 19.

People kept telling me, “Gali all you need is a quiet and soft spoken scientist.” A scientist? Soft spoken? So basically the complete opposite to me. Because don’t you know? Opposites attract and that’s how you find love.

After countless short lived relationships with guys who spoke about politics and laughed at all my jokes but didn’t make any back, I started imagining what my life would be like; me constantly making jokes and being the ‘loud funny girlfriend’ while my boyfriend would be the ‘calm’ one. Is that what I wanted my life to be like?

I could just imagine it: my boyfriend putting my friends to sleep with stories about the stock market and me embarrassing him in front of his friends by putting chopsticks in my mouth and pretending to be a walrus.

gali image supplied
Gali didn’t just want to be the “loud funny girlfriend”. Image supplied.

My friends all had boyfriends and I was always the 3rd, 5th, 7th and sometimes even the 11th wheel. I’m pretty sure my mum started imagining what her life was going to be like without me popping out some beautiful Jewish grandchildren.


My friend’s boyfriends all got pretty concerned for my livelihood (how dare I not have a significant other!) and started setting me up on constant dates with their buddies.

It was as if they all typed into Google “who is the complete opposite to Gali” and gave me all the results. I couldn’t understand how the opposites attract thing was going to work. How was I supposed to get along with someone who doesn’t quote the Muppet movie?

But then it happened, I met my boyfriend and we started chatting on Facebook and then couldn’t stop. We both made a comment about us having the same glasses in our profile pics, we both realized we were writers and obsessed with television and we both cracked lame jokes and puns that we thought were hilarious.

Then weird things started happening, I found out he was a huge fan of Kermit. HE WAS A MUPPET FAN. I was pretty sure my friends were playing a cruel joke on me because surely the male version of me didn’t exist.

Gali on The Muppets set. Image supplied.

My boyfriend lives interstate so the first two months we just messaged. We could quote the same weird movies and we both got upset when Kermit and Miss Piggy broke up. Oh and I should mention, he is a puppeteer, writer and comedian.


Never having a serious girlfriend before, I’m pretty sure there were great concerns that he too would never help produce gorgeous Jewish grandbabies.

We eventually made things official and now do long distance and both recently got to live our childhood dreams of visiting the Muppet set at Disney studios in L.A. We both make fart noises when people talk about politics and guess what? Our first date he put chopsticks in his mouth pretending to be a walrus and I swear I fell in love then and there.

gali 2 image supplied
“I have never been so happy to be me and that’s because I’m dating another me.” Image supplied.

From the age of 16-21, I was told that I should probably not be so loud with guys, I should maybe not crack so many jokes and perhaps I should find somebody whose differences ‘complemented’ me. But they were all wrong, because the person who could ‘complement me’ was someone who could understand me, someone who lived through my awkward teenage life as the ‘funny one’ and most importantly someone who loves the fact I do weird animal impressions with cutlery in front of his friends.

I have never been so happy to be me and that’s because I’m dating another me. I guess what I’m trying to say is opposites attract isn’t always the way to go. I’m dating a male version of myself and it’s the only successful relationship I’ve ever been in.

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