Open post of the week.

This week’s open post is brought to you from Melbourne where I am loving my week SICK. Doing lots of interviews for future episodes of Mamamia on Sky News and having the most incredible chats with some amazing women. Watch this space.

So here’s an overview of the week around here and you can discuss anything at all you want to, in the comments. And discuss your lives you must! Or not!

The nails

Nicky’s been sporting yellow nails lately. Do you love them? The colour is fluorescent citrus from the Sass & Bide for Bloom collaboration which you can buy here.


The show

RIPPER of a show this week. I’m interviewing Nene King today and am a bit beside myself. On the show this week:

From left: Sam de Brito, Sarah Harris, Peter Fitzsimons, Dr Kerryn Phelps

Here’s the promo:

Last week, I turned up at the studio only to find that executive producer Paul Zorzi and I were wearing different versions of the same shoe. How embarrassing…


The food

Can you spot the pile of food on the left hand side of the photo? Yep – Lana went to the dentist and decided that she wanted the rest of us to go too, so she returned with copious amounts of chips and chocolate.


Couple blogs

Sometimes it feels that the Interwebs are putting all kinds of pressure on relationships. Don’t get me started on those elaborate youtube proposals. They must be giving men performance anxiety. Asking the woman you love to marry you is not nearly enough OH NO YOU SLACK BASTARD. You must make a video and IT MUST GO VIRAL or your marriage will surely fail.

And now? The latest online phenomenon is…… couple blogging. From the Guardian

Naomi and Josh from the Rockstar Diaries

So congratulations: you’re young, you’re attractive and you’re in a relationship. Your flat looks like a Vogue Interiors shoot and your wardrobe’s bursting at its hinges with vintage goodies. Not content with hand-stroking over dinner tables or inflicting your lustfulness on friends, family, innocent bystanders or fellow public-transport users, you come to the conclusion – seeing as it’s the 21st century and all – that you should blog about it. Welcome to the world of the couple bloggers.

At the peak of this virtual mountain is a Mormon couple from Washington, DC, Naomi and Josh Davis, who set up their blog Rockstar Diaries shortly after wedding in 2007. They now have numerous sponsorship deals and a fervent global following – even a picture of their baby’s eyelashes (yes, it’s that intimate) attracts over 150 comments, with daily comments often running into thousands. Their online lives are primary-coloured blurs of Hipstamatic-captured perfection – baby Eleanor never seems to cry, their dog Kingsley wouldn’t be out of place at Crufts, and doe-eyed, immaculately dressed Naomi and Josh are unceasingly happy. It’s saccharin sweet and utterly addictive – like reality TV, but with cupcakes.

The make-up

Last week, Nicky and Lana were treated to a colour-matching session at the office. Here’s a little sample of all the fun stuff they got to play with – lucky!


The site

This is from a little while ago, but we’ve popped it in anyway because we’re so proud. In May, Mamamia was number 9 on the Hitwise list. Two months on, we moved up to number 6. Champagne all round!


Tweet of the week


Don’t you think so?

The best news ever:

You may have seen my interview with Ingrid Poulson a few weeks ago here or on the show. A more remarkable woman I have never met. Never will. And now?


She has welcomed her third child, the beautiful baby Miles, with her husband Michael. The three of them are very loved-up and it makes my heart soar to hear and see her so happy. If you wanted to send a wee gift or card for Miles, Ingrid and Michael, send it our way: PO BOx 7 Double Bay, 1360 and we’ll be sure to pass it on.

And I can’t think of a better note to end on than that……

How’s things in your world?

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