(Open) post of the week


Welcome to another Open post of the week where I give you some insight into what goes on at MM HQ and shake it all about. And then you talk about whatever you want. Let’s do it.

I’m wearing a post-it note.



There are two notable things about this photo. The first is that I’m wearing a post-it note and the second is that I am mainlining tea. Which I like to drink out of buckets. Must be show-day.

The Food

Lana’s soup













Lana makes the most delicious food and brings it into the office. This is a wonderful thing and I love her for it. This week we have had individual apple crumbles, muffins and Pumpkin soup. Home-cooked food is the most nurturing thing at work. We are lucky, lucky, lucky.


The Show

It was the final show in this first series of Mamamia Live on Sky News. It’s been a steep learning curve and a rollicking good time these past 7 weeks and we’re taking a break for June while we work on our new format for the second series. Think more intimacy, less news set. Because Mamamia the website is about looking out but also about looking inwards and there is not a lot of intimacy to be found in a locked-in panel format.

Exciting times. Tell us – what would YOU like to see?

So much fun to have MM News Editor Rick Morton making his televisual debut right beside me. He was a natural.

The guests. From left: Rick Morton, Natasha Stott Despoja, Sam De Brito
Our very own news editor on Sky!
Nicky (the make-up artist), Rick and Nat at Sky News

The Really Expensive Fruit
























My lovely husband bought me a banana this week. With banana prices as high as they are, this is like the 2011 version of flowers. Except more expensive. I ate it slowly.

The Hair

So I’ve been tossing up for a while now about whether to cut my hair or not. It’s the longest it’s been in years or possibly since I was about 5. I was watching myself back on Sky News last week (something you have to do to improve on TV and something I will do ANYTHING to avoid) and I thought: looks shit, needs a chop.

So I naturally told Paula and she (naturally) immediately emailed me a moodboard to take with me to the hairdresser.

It looked like this:


For those who asked, a mood board is your ‘inspiration’. Doesn’t mean you want EXACTLY what you pull together but it gives a general vibe of the look you’re going for.

I’m down with Alexa Chung and so was my hairdresser who chopped and chopped and chopped some more.

The thing about this haircut is that when people have seen it, they’ve universally either (a) said nothing or (b) said “You cut your hair!” and then said nothing.

Hmmmmm. Still working out how to wear it. Watch this space.
































































The Dog

Hello Harry. Here he is at the office.















And here is Rick taking his photo.


















The Nails

Natalia  (MM’s site co-ordinator) was rocking some pretty frisky nails this week. Rrrrrrrroooow.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips – get them here.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips 

The Deputy Editor

A new ‘official’ member of the MM team this week. Rebecca Sparrow who many of you will be familiar with from this post and this post, joined us this week as Deputy Editor. She lives in Adelaide so we work via Skype and Skype chat and she comes to Sydney once a month to sit with us IRL. Co-incidentally, she also had her haircut this week. It looks awesome.

Our new Deputy Editor, Rebecca Sparrow taking to Managing Ed, Lana.




























The website


















Woo hoo. Mamamia is the only independent website (not part of a huge umbrella corporate giant like 9MSN or News Ltd) in the top 10 Women’s websites in Australia.


So – what’s on your mind?