Open post of the week

We are jigging things up a bit today, because well, because we are a bit jiggy. Mia is away today and I am going away tomorrow so while things are hanging in the balance I am taking over the Open Post. But don’t despair, I have access to pictures of Mia’s belt….

The belt

Mia has worn this belt a couple of times now, a couple of times being loosely translated as many, many times.  And I love it.  It’s gorgeous, goes with everything and according to Mia does not set off the security at the airport. It’s from Sass and Bide. If I wasn’t going to New York next week….. (sorry I am tending to rub that in). The nail polish is from Mecca.  I know you will want to know that.



































The show

On the show this week we have Simon Thomsen, Kristina Kenneally, Bettina Arndt and Sam de Brito.

From left to right: Simon Thomsen, Kristina Kenneally, Bettina Arndt, Sam de Brito

Mia will also be interviewing Amanda Bishop (the actress who plays Julia Gillard on At Home With Julia) and Jane Kennedy.

Check out a sneak peek of Mia’s interview with Julia/Amanda:

The shoes

Last week Mia attended a function with Michelle Bridges (who she fell a little in love with). These are Michelle’s shoes and we all fell a lot in love with them.















Amelia visits MM

Highlight of the week FOR SURE. Nicky (who we miss terribly) brought in her beautiful, tiny, gorgeous, adorable and absolutely delightful baby Amelia. There was some initial concern that I would steal Amelia but I managed to stop myself because I can see how totally and undeniably in love with Amelia Nicky is.  The baby smell, the tiny little legs that are all curled up like she’s still in utero (Amelia was only due to be born 3 days ago) and the miracle of this magnificent baby had everyone enraptured.

I feel such a huge connection to this little baby, having been with Nicky on every step of her pregnancy journey and sharing an office with her and Amelia for 8 months, I’m quite sure Amelia recognised my voice. I have put up both my hands for babysitting when I return from New York (see I slipped it in again).
































The hair



I love my hairdresser to bits. She is the loveliest woman, but apparently my hair is a bit old school.  How do I know this? Well firstly one day fresh from the hairdresser I bumped into a friend who told me “I love your hair – you look just like Suzie Quatro”. Er, nice.  Then Mia and Nicky suggested I may have a mullet. It was time for a change. And so fresh for my trip to New York (third and maybe final mention) I went  to a new hairdresser to “modernise” my hair.  I am very fickle because I fell in love with him too.

The project

Who better to inspire and inform women living with cancer than other women who’ve been there? Busting Cancer is an arts based cancer education project currently underway in Western Sydney. Women affected by cancer are bringing to life their stories through art as a way to get the word out about early detection and screening.

One group of women have already been through the creative process of making a unique body cast and decorating it with words and images as an expression of their experiences:

They are looking for women who would like to be involved in the Busting Cancer project. The artworks will come together in an exhibition as a unique way to take cancer awareness into the public space and engage people in stories of cancer in Western Sydney.

If you would like more information please email Niki at [email protected] or go to the website here.

The cough

My son has whooping cough, in fact most of his class mates have had it this term. He’s been vaccinated as have most of his peers but it doesn’t stop the spread of the disease when some people haven’t had the immunisation.  I cannot express how strongly I feel about those people who choose not to vaccinate.  Just. Don’t. Get. It.

The trip


I am off to the States tomorrow (in case you hadn’t picked up my millions of hints). It’s a late wedding anniversary present and I am going with my husband and my son. I am literally beside myself with excitement. But, and this is a sad admission, I will really miss Mia and the team and all of you on the site.  Take care and see you mid October!

What’s been happening in your week?