Open post: Tell us how you're doing!

Hi! I’m Alyx, nice to meet you.

I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week. It’s been pretty crazy for me. You see I have a three-week-old baby. Not a literal one, but a digital one.

Since I started at Mamamia, I’ve been working towards the launch of our health and beauty website The Glow. And now it’s up! It’s real! It’s happening and I couldn’t feel more pride.

We’ve been running stories that make me so happy – like Mia’s for instance that just because she loves green smoothies, it doesn’t mean she’s better than anyone else.

There have also been pieces that have actually made me gag. Okay, there’s only been one of those, but it’s a doozy. It’s about exactly what might happen to you if you leave your contact lenses in for too long.

Some of the posts we’ve been publishing, I’m going to use right away in my own life, like Jo Abi’s super helpful guide to dealing with pimples when you’re a grown-ass woman, or Michelle Bridges’ totally achievable health suggestions.

The Glow team: Nat, me, Alyx and Nicky

Others, meanwhile, I’m not likely to try any time soon. For instance, we asked a wellness expert to look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s fitness routine, and she told us exactly what we should, and shouldn’t be listening to when Gwynny tells us how she does what she does.

Possibly my favourite part of The Glow (okay, not really, every part is my favourite part), is the chance it’s been giving us to look into the lives of women we admire. For instance on Sunday we discovered how Megan Washington planned to wind down after a truly hectic week.

Then, there’s the fun stuff. Like Rita Ora’s knack with glitter gel, Beyonce’s ability to give a manicure or this video tutorial for how to give yourself a nose job with makeup brushes (seriously!)

So that’s been my week, lots of health, lots of beauty and lots and lots of fun.

Now over to you – what’s been happening in your world?

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