Open post of the week

Welcome to this week’s open post, brought to you by My Hangover. I went to a fantastic birthday dinner last night and had the jolliest of times and today I am being punished by a headache. Serves me right.

Here’s what’s been happening around the Mamamia Office this week – I missed much of it because I was in Melbourne most of last week staying at The Olsen hotel (my favourite place to stay because of its location on Chapel St…near my favourite shops (Sass & Bide, Witchery, Sportsgirl, Bloom etc) and Cafe E Cucina.

At the end of this post, feel free to share anything at all that’s on your mind – advice, a rant, a rave, something that puzzles you or something that made you laugh. Comments are OPEN.

Meanwhile, here’s what we’ve been up to.

Miranda Kerr

Lana went to a breakfast for the launch of the new range of KORA Organics, Miranda Kerr’s brand of beauty products. Here are some pics from the launch…

Mamamia on Sky News Fri 9:15pm

On this week’s show we’ve got Sam de Brito, Angela Mollard, Kerri Sackville and Peter Fitzsimons.

From left: Sam de Brito, Angela Mollard, Kerri Sackville, Peter Fitzsimons

We’ve also got interviews with the brilliant Justine Clarke and part 2 of my interview with Nene King where she shares some surprising information about the Packer family.


Here’s the promo:

You can watch last week’s episode in full below:


The wrapping paper

When I wrote this column about having no present drawer, I received the most beautifully wrapped box I’ve ever seen (still trying to work out what to do with the diamante M, I & A) from Sophie Leete and her friend Gabby Cox, founder of Karma Kameleon. Sophie’s new business How To Wrap An Elephant provides every possible wrapping aid you can imagine. And then some (she’s working on her website but you can email her at [email protected]).


Now there really is no excuse to get my present drawer shit together.


I’m eating Chia Seeds

This is one of those things I don’t even know how I got into. Somehow, the fact that Chia Seeds are the new ‘superfood’ (I always love the idea of a superfood, sounds like it works harder than a regular one) penetrated my consciousness and I found myself in my local health store buying some.

They’re flavourless really and you can put them in/on anything. I sprinkle them on my cereal but you can put them in juice, smoothies, stir-fries, whatever.

At the Family Life Forums, I was chatting with nutritionist Joanna McMillan about them and asked her why I was taking them (!) and she helpfully pointed me to this video which was on her website. Interesting.



Only one stain is visible in this photo. My hand is covering the other.

I’m a Food Spiller. Very messy. Always have been. Jason came into my office yesterday and as he sat across the other side of my desk, he asked “Are you seeing anyone today?” and gestured to my top. I looked down. “What?” He and I often do that. We’ll come into work very casually and forget we have to go to some kind of more formal meeting where we should look like professional grown-ups. D’OH.

But my outfit was OK. Except not. There were two big stains on my jumper. “But there are only two stains and they’re not very big.” I protested. “Babe, some people actually walk around with NO food on their clothes” he replied. “Imagine that.”

I can’t.

So. What’s happening in your world?