If you hate going to Tupperware parties, we have the solution for you.

Normally when I’m invited to one of those product parties hosted by a “friend” I’m filled with dread. As those of us who are sane know, a real friend wouldn’t invite you to something like this because they are such terrible experiences.

You buy shit you don’t need while eating crappy food and drinking too much wine, silently swearing you will never agree to attend one ever again.

Until another “friend” guilts you into coming.

Those Two Girls show us how it is done when it comes to lunchbox hacks. Can you hack it? Article continues after this video…

The last one I was invited to was by an ex-friend who was hosting a natural products party. “Just come for a visit. You don’t have to buy anything. It will just be fun to catch up.”

Being the sucker I am, I believed her, only to have her crash-tackle me on my way out the door saying, “Aren’t you going to buy anything?”

This week I was invited to a Tupperware party (by my new best friend) and felt none of the annoyance or dread because it’s an online Tupperware party.

I’m hosting a Tupperware party with a difference – it’s entirely online. Mainly because we are all so busy and we all like to browse and shop online at our own convenience.

Please share with friends and family and have a great time. Nicole from Tupperware will post links to the catalogues and extra special offers including weekly specials.

Nicole will also play a few games and award some free gifts that will be delivered with your order.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask myself of Nicole.

The party will close on 19 June at 9pm.


This fabulous event is underway now and I am so excited to have been invited. I love Tupperware but hate the parties.

From now on I will only “attend” these parties online. All the amazing Tupperware products are there, so are the games and so are the giveaways.

Why someone didn’t think of this sooner, I have no idea.

Tupperware parties have entered 2016. Image:

I'm eyeing off a pressure cooker in the new catalogue. My mum used one for my entire childhood and I survived just fine. Not a fancy Thermomix or Magimix or Slow Cooker in sight.

Also I can eat as many sour cream Grain Waves as I want (and drink as much of my beverage of choice) without the shame and judgement. "I'd better refill that bowl Jo. Would you like a bucket instead?"

The online party functions as a business Facebook page. Friends and acquaintances are invited to "join" and the hosts - one from Tupperware and one with lots of Facebook friends - lead the discussions, facilitate the orders, run the games and answer all the questions.

There is still a bit of pressure being placed on those of us whom have joined with suggestions we run the next one with our own friends. That's a step too far. I'm not doing that. I don't need a free onion slicer that much. I just want to come, see, buy and leave, in my PJs, sipping tea, talking to no-one and eating whatever I want, however much I want.

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