The top 6 online courses that are actually getting people jobs.

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Going to university later in life or commencing further study when you’re not a newly minted 18-year-old (with a constitution for cheap pizza to prove it) has its perks. You’ve had time to work out what you want to do and you’re ready to go the distance.

That being said, you also know the time commitment study brings. So the million-dollar question is, how do you pick a course that is worth it once you’ve done the hard yards?

The good thing is that university has changed since the heady days of cramming in the library and lugging heavy textbooks around all day. Degrees can now be done solely online to fit in with your lifestyle, which is great if you’re balancing study with full-time or part-time work, or raising a family.

Cecilia Hunt is the career development manager at Charles Sturt University (CSU) and Mamamia picked her brains on the courses getting people jobs – whether you’re looking at a complete career overhaul, or you’re just looking to upskill and expand your existing skill set to get that promotion.

Here’s what she had to say.

What are the online courses getting people jobs?

Working at Charles Sturt University – which FYI, has Australia’s highest graduate employment rate – Cecilia says students who study health, education and accounting disciplines online enjoy the highest full-time employment rates.


The healthcare sector is currently Australia’s largest employer, and with an ageing population, there’s more demand in a range of positions in the industry. According to a 2018 Government Employment Projections Report, there’s an increased growth of 250,300 healthcare and social assistance-based jobs in the next five years.

“There’s a trend of people spending their time and money on their health and wellness, so there’s definitely a lot of money in this area,” says Hunt, noting that students studying nursing, physiotherapy and paramedics are particularly employable.

Courses to consider: Bachelor of NursingBachelor of Health Science (Food and Nutrition) or Bachelor of Paramedicine.

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For a rewarding, and very employable career, consider nursing. Image: Getty.


Education is the third-largest contributor to employment growth, adding an expected 113,000 extra jobs over the next five years.

According to Hunt, students from the Bachelor of Education (Birth to Five Years) have one of the highest employment outcomes in terms of obtaining full-time jobs within four months of graduating. She adds that teaching is a skill that graduates can easily combine with existing skill sets to create a job unique to them.

"I was talking to a recent graduate who has an education degree, and was also trained in ballet so she took her experience and designed a dance program," she says, adding that this 'combination' skill set, is becoming increasingly common.

"A lot of people are very aware of entrepreneurship, new ideas and identifying gaps in the market and taking advantage of that," Hunt adds.

"There’s definitely a lot of opportunity to add value to [an education degree] and transfer it into something a little different that they weren’t originally setting out to do."

Courses to consider: Bachelor of Education (Birth to Five Years)Bachelor of Education (K–12) or Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education (with specialisations).

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A Bachelor of Education can definitely take you beyond the classroom. Image: Getty.


Accounting is of course another perennial profession that is in demand - just try and book one during tax time.

Despite this, accounting graduates don't just have to go into accounting. Their financial skills and business acumen can prime them for a number of professions, says Hunt.

"Our accounting graduates have a broad skill set which can be applied in public practice to a government organisation," she explains.

"These skills include auditing, advisory, budget planning, strategic planning and policy formulation. For graduates who studied accounting - they are in demand in every industry from agriculture to mining, from global finance to not-for-profit."

Courses to consider: Bachelor of Accounting.

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Admin, skill and business acumen make for very employable graduates. Image: Getty.

But, what if I don't want to go into those disciplines?

Don't fret. While healthcare, education and accounting are just some of the courses landing people jobs, Hunt says there are so many other options prospective students can take and this will depend on an individual's passions, motivations and prior working experience. And the good news is that CSU offers hundreds of online degrees that can get you to where you want to go.


If a full degree isn't for you, Hunt also notes the benefit of 'Graduate Certificates' which Charles Sturt University offers in a range of fields. Available in areas like HR, leadership, communications, coaching or finance, these shorter courses help "develop skills in a specialised area and provide direction into a new area or role", she says.

If you're feeling unsure about doing a full degree, Hunt notes you could enrol in Single Subject Study to 'test' if a field is right for you, which will also earn you credit for a related degree down the track.

However, whether you're looking at a complete career overhaul or just want to expand your fields, undertaking further education provides you with so much more than just a degree.

"People come here to pursue their passion or they want to be involved and give back to the community in their particular field of expertise or interest," says Hunt.

"As well as the qualification you come out with, it’s an opportunity you take to better yourself."

Are you interested in pursuing further study? What courses would you be interested in? Tell us in a comment.

For more information head Future Students at Charles Sturt University to begin the next chapter of your career.

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