'I'm an online shopaholic. Here are my biggest tips, including my tricks to saving.'

Thanks to our brand partner, OnePass

I love shopping online.

Partly because I’m old enough to remember when it didn't exist and you had to go to a shopping centre IRL to get what you needed. 

And partly because I’m a busy working mum who almost never gets time to go to the shops without my four year old, which is about as fun and fruitful as you might imagine.

While I love to browse and buy on my phone or laptop, I don't ever go crazy. 

I don't have credit cards and don't use any "buy now, pay later" services. I like to think I’m just really good at sorting through the clutter and finding the best bargains.

And because sharing is caring, I’m going to share my best online shopping tips with you.

Don't pay for postage.

We all know the nifty marketing trick websites use to get you to spend more. You’ll add something to your cart, then get a notification that tells you: you just need to spend a bit more to get free shipping. 

Another $45 to save $9? Sure! there’s always "girl math" to justify it.

But you know what’s better? Free shipping on any amount. So let me introduce you to OnePass. I signed up about six months ago and it’s a game-changer.

It’s a membership that gives you more value from your favourite brands like Kmart, Target,, Bunnings Warehouse, and Officeworks. There’s so many benefits, including free delivery (!!!!), as well as 5x Flybuys points per dollar spent in-store at Kmart, Target, Bunnings Warehouse and Officeworks. 

You also get other incredible benefits like express Click & Collect as well as 365-day change of mind returns AND early access to Black Friday offers. 


Oh, and speaking of Black Friday, they currently have a Black Friday deal for annual OnePass membership for just $20, instead of the usual $40, so it’s a smart move to sign up now before you tackle your Black Friday wishlist. 

OnePass saved my life when I moved house a few months ago. I needed so many things but was drowning in the admin of packing, plus work and parenting. It meant I often forgot something I needed in my Bunnings or Kmart order, but it didn't matter – I could jump on and order again without beating myself up because I didn't have to pay for postage.

Refine your search.

Websites that offer a huge selection are so handy for a bulk order, but can also be overwhelming to browse. 

I always start by narrowing down my search. If it’s fashion, I’ll pick my size to make sure they have what I like in stock – there’s nothing worse than falling in love with something and then clicking to find out they don’t have the size you need. 

I also know what styles and cuts suit me, so I filter out things like mini dresses. If I’m after something really specific (I was recently on the hunt for the perfect nude shoes), I’ll filter by colour so I’m only served what could work. 

I do the same for my budget, of course. While I love shopping, I also really like a bargain and hate the feeling of guilt and regret if I later feel like I've spent too much on something. If it’s a fancy website, I’ll toggle the settings to "least expensive to most expensive", or I’ll set a hard budget of a dollar amount so I’m not served any items over that price.

Create a wishlist.

Most online sites offer the ability to "heart" an item, add them to your wishlist or in Bunning's terms, add them to your "project lists". 

This is a great way to avoid impulse shopping – it’s there for you to look at later and reconsider without having to trawl the whole site later to find it again. Better yet, oftentimes websites will send you a notification if an item has gone on sale. 


A similar trick is to add things to your cart, but don't check out. Wait a day or two and see if you get what is called an "abandoned cart" email – brands use this marketing tool to offer you a discount on what’s in your cart to entice you to buy. I do this all the time and almost always get offered a discount.

Check sizing and returns.

I have been burnt by not following this rule so many times with clothes, but more recently with a set of washing baskets. 

I assumed they were big and couldn't believe I got them for such a good price, but when they turned up they were about the size of a toy for a dollhouse. I also couldn't return them which is why I now read the returns policy or make sure to use stores that offer OnePass' 365-day change of mind returns – lesson learnt. 

I now always check the measurements of anything online where size matters. One of my best friends is quite tall so she not only checks the garment length, but checks the height of the model in the product description so she can visually compare. Smart! 

On-site reviews are also a great way to see how other people feel about an item and the fit and fabric. 

Checkout OnePass for early access to their Black Friday deals and enjoy more value from your favourite brands. 

Feature Image: Supplied/Instagram/@leighacampbell

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