You see a dress on a Hollywood star. You want one. Then you get one...

We see a dress on a Hollywood star. We want one. Then we get one. And…

We’ve all been there. You find an amazing dress on a Hollywood actress and you just MUST have one for yourself for that wedding/party/whatever that’s right around the corner.

You search around online for anything that looks similar and then BAM, you find a great, cheap knock-off. Credit card details entered into the system, you wait for your dress to arrive.

Cue disappointment when it doesn’t quite look how you originally imagined…

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Well take comfort in your own disaster stories, because this brave Chinese woman has just shared hers with the world in a tongue-in-cheek example of just how different a dress can look when translating it from Hollywood actress to your everyday woman.

Originally the buyer wanted the below dress, seen here on actress Jaimie Alexander at the premiere of the second Thor movie.

Jamie Alexander at ‘Thor’ premiere. Image via Getty.

She found a cheaper version on Chinese website Taobao. But as you can see here, it doesn’t quite look the same.

On the left Image via Taobao, the image to the right is the buyer.
The left is how the dress was marketed by TaoBao. The right is the buyer.

The pink slippers are a brilliant addition.

We salute this woman for her bravery and sense of humour. We’ve all been there.

Share your online shopping disaster stories below…