'I'm a lifestyle writer. Here are 14 items in my shopping cart right now.'

After what feels like a blink-and-you'll miss-it summer, I'm ready for the cooler months ahead.

While summer is my favourite season for its (usually) good weather, long nights and all-round good vibes, autumn and winter are my favourites for the fashion. And now, as we enter March, we can start adding an extra layer (a jacket! Trench coat!) but not have to completely rug up. More options, you see. We love options.

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I've also recently moved house, which means I've spent far too much time picking out new homewares - I'm really just in the mood to shop (it's a good distraction from the news cycle).

My current online shopping cart reflects my already-thinking-about-winter brain, featuring clothes and accessories for the cooler weather, and my top homewares picks for my new place.

Here's everything I'm eyeing off.


Gysette Maria Anglaise Blouse, $139.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


Blouses, especially ones with detailing, will be big in 2022; and with autumn here, it feels like the right time to add one to my wardrobe. This one with puffy sleeves caught my eye immediately, as it's fun but still timeless because of the colour.

If you're into the trend but don't want to fork out the cash, check out your local op-shop - the co-host of Mamamia's fashion podcast, Tamara Davis has snagged some great ones there.

H&M Oversize Jacket, $69.99.

Image: H&M/Mamamia.

While writing about blazers last month, I realised I don't own a neutral one (I know!). This one has everything I'm after - it's got that oversized look, it's single-breasted and it's affordable.

ABrand Petite A 94 High Slim Petite Jeans, $99.95.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


To complete what looks like my go-to autumn work outfit, I'm ordering these black straight-leg jeans.

I've needed a black pair for who knows how long - I wear my blue denim pair to death. My colleagues rave about the Australian denim brand ABrand which makes a brilliant petite range for us shorties. That alone has me sold.


The Littl Bar Chain Anklet, $124.99.

Image: The Littl/Mamamia.

For me, the easiest way to pull together any outfit is to add jewellery. So, besides ordering some new autumn/winter clothes, I'm amping up my accessories too. 

Instead of more earrings or necklaces, I'm after an anklet (or a few). It's the ultimate on-trend accessory that I don't believe will date, and this one with the gold bar chain is right up my alley.


Quay Australia Total Vibe, $75.

Image: Quay/Mamamia.

Oversized sunglasses make everything cooler and with my favourite colour being green (and everyone else's right now, it seems), these are at the top of my hit-list. 

Tired? Hungover? Not in the mood to talk to anyone? I'll be wearing these.

Staud Shirley Leather Tote Bag, $420.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


If you asked me a few years ago to choose between black or brown clothes and accessories, I'd say black in a heartbeat; but recently I've preferred brown - with so many shades to pick from, brown can often look more expensive and add an extra layer to an outfit.

That being said, I need a brown workbag and this one has my heart - the stitching, the square handle, the matching pouch and the size. It's been on my wishlist for months.


Nike One Mid-Rise Capri Leggings, $55.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

In my January edit, I mentioned my favourite bike shorts of all time are these Nike ones. Now, allow me to introduce my favourite leggings.

These are the best length for shorter women like me. 

Unlike most 7/8 pairs, which cut us off right before our shoes, these leave a small gap between your ankle and shoes. They are also extremely comfortable and last forever.

Cotton On Special Edition Keith Haring Tee, $34.99.

Image: Cotton On/Mamamia.


Oversized tees are the best tees - chuck them on after the gym, while lounging around at home or running errands. I personally love them with bike shorts and leggings but need a few more, including this one from the limited edition Cotton On Keith Haring collection.

New Balance 57/40, $180.

Image: New Balance/Mamamia.

Long before the pandemic I was a fan of sneakers over heels. Yes, they're far more comfortable, but something about their effortless nature also makes me feel more put together and confident than heels ever do.

New Balance has become my favourite brand for sneakers in recent times. Not only does the base of them makes you feel like you're walking on a cloud, but they also work for walks in activewear or outings in jeans. 



Smeg 50s Retro Style Kettle, $219.

Image: The Good Guys/Mamamia.

First on my new home wishlist is this kettle. 

I don't currently own one, and the Instagram and TikTok algorithm keeps showing me this beloved one from Smeg. I'll take it in white.

Hommey Essential Velvet Cushion, $79.

Image: Hommey/Mamamia.


Similarly, these cushions keep coming up on my social feed and stories and I'm not mad about it!

There are so many colours and fabrics to choose from - I'm eyeing off the pink velvet for my couch and boucle for my bed. 

No22 Comte Ribbed Champagne Glass (Set of Two), $69.

Image: No22/Mamamia.

My plates, bowls and glassware all need a refresh, and while I love places like Target and Kmart for most of it, I've been on the hunt for some fancy coupe glasses to sit on my bar cart. And these are chic AF.

Love Ally x Bed Threads Wave Candle in Pink Clay & Turmeric (Set of Two), $60.

Image: Bed Threads/Mamamia.


Much like my obsession with coffee table books, I can never go past a funky candle. 

Unlike the fragranced ones, these I won't light - they'll either add a pop of colour to my living space or if I have people over, act as centrepieces on my dining table.

Saarde Vintage Wash Tea Towel (Set of Two), $46.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

In keeping with my pink theme, these bright tea towels grabbed my attention immediately. All of mine are old and need throwing out. 

These ones are made from 100 per cent Turkish Cotton, designed here in Australia and come in a bunch of colours. Sold.

What's on your wish list this February? Tell me in the comments below!

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Feature image: Supplied/The Iconic/No22.

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