Two days ago, online dating went through the roof.

Where were you on Sunday night at approximately 8.52 p.m?

Loading the dishwasher? Preparing for your first day back at work?

Filling out your personal interests and hobbies for an online-dating application?

Because if you were the latter, you were definitely not alone. Apparently, the Sunday after New Year’s Eve at around 9pm is the peak time for new online daters. Why?

Great news: You can date in your pyjamas, on the couch. Score.

Oh, we don’t know. Probably something to do with all those lovey-dovey couples kissing at midnight riiiiight in front of you at the New Year’s bash. Or the questions your relatives asked about your love life at Christmas. Or the fact that any distraction on Sunday night would’ve been better than thinking about going back to work after the holidays.

Whatever the reason, dating sites, Zoosk and Plenty of Fish all reported extremely high traffic, with having 95% more applicants than a regular Sunday evening.

That’s a win for all the daters already online. A whole lot more fish just landed in the cyber sea (or a whole lot more competition, depending on your outlook).

To all those who just signed up: Best of luck to you, lovers. May you find your match at the other end of the keyboard, just waiting for you and your witty quips and winky faces ;) Have fun, clickers.