What can you do when you think the world needs to change? Change it.

The beginning of oneHug.

By Eddy lee, founder of oneHug

After a 16 year career in the Banking and Finance industry, I was growing very weary of the materialistic and selfishness of this environment. I had always wanted to do something for good but did not know how to achieve this.

In June 2012, I had a major health scare, with doctors having to rule out a tumour on the brain, cancer, and stroke. With 2 kids on on the way it was a very scary time for me and my family. However doctors were quick to diagnose that I had Bell’s Palsy (Temporary Paralysis of the Facial Nerve) and after 6 months I recovered 100% with the love of my friends and family.

This illness gave me the impetus to say enough is enough and I decided to put into action an idea to do good. And then oneHug was born. This is what oneHug is doing at the moment…

Passing on random acts of kindness.

Creating random acts of kindess

Via our oneHug Random Acts of Kindness Initiative 200 cafes across Sydney (and out first café internationally in York UK) have joined our positive movement to do nice things for others and putting smiles on their dials and brightening up their day.

The cafes encourage their patrons to purchase another food/drink item, and they will then give it to the next paying customer as a Random Act of Kindness. The café will then provide the recipient with a card and hopefully that customer will Pay It Forward!

Partnering with charities

We are humbled that three major charities have shared in our vision: ChildFund Australia, PinkHope and Autism Spectrum.

oneHug aims to help these charities achieve their objectives, and share the stories of those we have helped to the oneHug community and to all via our social media channels.

Imagine oneHug building clean water pumps to provide clean and safe drinking water. Imagine oneHug helping one woman with Breast/Ovarian Cancer and lowering her risk. Imagine oneHug Funding education tuition for a child with autism, for an education program that has specifically been designed for that child.


Imagine how much of a difference oneHug can make.

Partnering with charities.

Starting some good

We started our first fundraising campaign at the end of May via crowd funding site StartSomeGood. The purpose of this campaign was to raise funds for our first charity donation.

Some great rewards were provided by sponsors to encourage people to make a pledge, including dining vouchers from some of our cafes, oneHug t-shirts, handbags, coffee and tea. Our campaign also had the support of Aussie Rugby League Legend Ryan Girdler and his café Girdlers Grind in Dee Why, Ryan will be hosting a lunch with one of our pledge makers.

After 30 days our campaign ended — and we had raised $12,520 was raised from 161 pledges

100% of the money will go to one our charities, and you get to decide which one. Click here to find out more.

Next, we need you to vote

oneHug has developed a mobile app and it is available on Itunes and Google play. On the 16th of July if you have the full version of the app ($1.99) you will receive a notification on your phone to vote for which charity you want these proceeds to go to. Everyone will have 48 hours to enter their vote.

10% of the gross app purchase will be donated to the charity pool for the next vote. oneHug only generates revenue to sustain the business via the app, we will not be deducting fees from fundraising activities.

After the vote ends we will be announcing via our social media channels which charity will receive the first donation from the oneHug community. Once determined by the charity of who the individual will receive our donation we will share their story back to our community in print/pictures and video.

Eddy Lee is devoted husband of Michelle and loving dad to 3 sons Jonah, Justin and Jared. After 16 years in the corporate environment chose to take a leap and to use his passion and drive for good. Building a community to make a difference oneHug at a time!

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